Thursday, April 13, 2006

House Broken: Part 21

A handshake. She gave him her heart, and he gave her a handshake. A business-like, we sealed the deal handshake. She didn’t know why she expected anything more, they did, after all, just get divorced.

The proceedings went rather smoothly, after they were let back into the courthouse. They were lucky enough to be 2nd on the docket and therefore had little time to wait. The first case was short and sweet and she soon found herself sitting at the witness stand, speaking into a microphone.

The privilege of being the instigator.

In 15 minutes their lives were split and the knots they fought so hard to tie years earlier were dissolved. And all she got was a handshake.

“Well, take care of yourself.” He said as he stuck out his awkward hand.

She laughed. “Yeah. You too.” And took his hand in hers. She turned then, and rushed to the elevator, eager to enter before he and his lawyer could follow.

On the way down, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was free now, to find the girl she once had been-the one who laughed more than cried, who made people smile, and who’s sense of adventure led her to meet strange and interesting people. But without someone to share it with, would it be as rewarding?

She smiled brightly at the people she passed on the way to her car. No one would have guessed by looking at her that 6 years of her life had just been taken away. No one would have thought that she was a woman scorned, an ex-wife who was cheated on, or a woman who did not know how she was going to pay her bills. No one knew because her eyes danced and her smile prevailed, and she held her head high, even when she wanted to cry.

And no one would have guessed that her broken heart was already mending itself.

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