Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Eggs

"Who had it last year?"
Nobody knows...
It's something we bicker over
as the competition grows.
The bright copper dipper's
a prize to be had.
Your eggs will look better
if you're copperly clad.
"Who has the pink?"
She grumbles to me.
"I'm still using it here."
It's easy to see.
"You're taking too long!"
(I have 2 eggs to go...)
"To get the best color
you must take it slow."
"Don't spill that dye
on my table you girls!
I'll kick your ass."
(her anger unfurls)
We laugh at her nagging-
It's Easter, you see
A happy time,
we tell her, us three.
Our eggs are all finished,
the colors are bright
and we marvel at our creations
and our hearts feel just right.
Traditions, even silly
are special and good,
and though we're now older,
it's still understood.


C-Unit said...

Wake up sleepy girl and get your butt over here. We are going to church! Happy Easter!!

OrioleGal9 said...

We too colored Easter eggs over the weekend. However, ours were not nearly as creative!