Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

So, um, did you all really miss me like you say you did? If so, welcome me back properly by answering these questions...you KNOW how it makes me smile!

1. Would you rather drive 50 miles with a car full of beeping alarm clocks or drive the same distance with 4 Styrofoam coolers which constantly rub against each other? (I got goose bumps just writing that)

2. When you want to get a pig's attention, you yell "Soooooeeeeee!" (or so "they" say) What should I yell to get YOUR attention? (No, I'm not saying you're a pig)

3. Is there any job that you would do for free? If so, what is it? (Not volunteering on top of a job-this would be your "job")

1. I'd choose the alarm clocks. I do pretty well ignoring them in the morning, so I think I could tune them out while driving. The styro-squeaking torture would permeate my bones and drive me mad.

2. How about, "I love crispy chicken!" or something just as random. The fact that it's SO random would certainly cause me to look at you and then you could wave me over to give me a present. That's why you wanted my attention, right?

3. Theoretically, yes. I would teach children (and adults) how to read for free if I had the means to do so. Realistically, I can't afford to do that though and so I suppose my answer is 'no'.


One who listens said...

I really missed you like I said I did. My posts felt lonely without a Mags behind them. :)

1. I'd go with the styrofoam coolers rubbing together. The noise doesn't bother me, and I figure it'd be quieter than the alarm clocks, and I could turn up the radio to drown the noise out.

2. Funny story: When I was at university, we had to choose login names, and we started calling each other by those names so much that we began to not hear our own names. In fact, one friend was calling and calling, and I genuinely didn't hear him until he called "General". So I'll reply to General if you feel the need.

3. Yes. I would do my current job for free if I won the lottery. Plus, I'll help people with their computers for free because then if it doesn't work, I can say "Ah well, I'll give you your money back," and they laugh and I laugh, and everyone's happy, but their computer still doesn't work, but I can go home and not fix it.

Owl. :)

Mags said...

YOU, dear Owl, are sweet.

And you make me laugh...I'll give you your money back....hee hee hee.

Thanks for answering by the way, I was starting to think I should go away for good-since no one answered MY questions this week.


GMadrid said...

Long distance response. Weirdly my blog is considered adult content and not viewable by this machine.

1. 4 coolers. It doesn't bother me. I would keep wanting to hit each alarm. Though I would probably drive 100 mph to make it shorter.

2. Hey How you doing?

3. Baseball Manager. Easy because I would be doing the best job in the world.

Mags said...

Long distance answer: your blog has hotties on it. What did you expect? It's smut. ;)

I figured you'd choose the coolers-each alarm clock would cause you to jump and by the time you got to where you'd be going, you'd be dead from a heart attack.

Good choice Greg, good choice...

megan said...

1. I'd definitely take the car full of alarm clocks. I couldn't last 5 miles in a car with styrofoam coolers rubbing together. The thought of it is making my skin crawl.

2. I think I would probably respond best if someone yelled "Mommmmmmm" or "Help". Either of those things would grab my attention immediately.

3. I would be a "baby rocker" in a hospital. I know they have volunteers that hold and rock and cuddle seriously ill babies and babies that are in the hospital for extended lengths of time. I could do that 40 hrs/week and love every minute of it even without pay. If that doesn't count as a real job then I guess I'd have to choose working in a bakery. I love to bake.

OrioleGal9 said...

Yep, really did miss your posts and even sorrier I missed you while you were down here! I deserve 20 lashes with a wet noodle.

1. I would say he styrofoam coolers. I can't stand alarm clocks beeping. Back in middle and high school, everytime I heard someones watch that chirped like an alarm clock, I'd go into a 1 second trance, yes super weird! But I'd be able to drown out the coolers with the radio.

2. No strange name needed...my name usually gets my attention.

3. I think I would have to agree with Megan...baby rocker for newborns or working for the Baltimore Orioles!

Steph said...

I'm still pretty new to the whole blogging thing and I find your blog really interesting!

1. Holy crap, hard question! I'd have to say the alarm clocks...as styrofoam drives me crazy!

2. Hey Red!

3. I'd work at the blood donor clinic. Everyone there is so friendly and happy that they are saving lives. It's such a positive atmosphere. Donating blood is free donation and receiving blood is free. So I guess the right thing to do would be to work there for free!

Mags said...

Ok. I'm glad that at least 2 of you agree with me on the styro-hell! (Thanks Megan and Steph!!)

No need for wet noodles Oriolegal-way too many carbs. ;)

Heather said...

Sorry...little late with answering, but thought I would go ahead and do it anyways!

1. I'm sorry Mags, but I agree with Oriolegal...you can drown out the styrofoam with music. I CANNOT stand alarm clocks, especially the beeping kind...If you have the kind that just plays the radio in the morning, thats good, I can handle that. I wake up to my cell phone on vibrate under my pillow( that is when I have to wake up ). I'm cranky if any other kind of alarm wakes me up.

2. Hmmm...Mama is always a classic :) The husband calls babe (so kinda like a pig..LOL) My dad always used to call me HMF Pinafore (HMF were my initials before i was married) because apparently there was some British ship called the HMS Pinafore....I never got it, but it always stuck throughout childhood...

3. Well....being a mom, you definitely learn that you do way more than you ever expected to do.. But being a mother is the best job in the world..and I do it for free on a regular basis. If not that, I would say something in the medical field..Helping with disease prevention in africa, etc. I would feel like I was actually making a difference and I love that feeling!

Flipper said...

1) styrofoam, i would hate it but i Really Hate alarm clocks
2) lucious ass! lol (just somethin between me and mags not my honest answer AND dont take it the wrong wayyy LOL)
3)well my heart wants to say yes but my love for shopping says dont even think about it sooo if i couldnt have any money at all no but if i did then yesss.

kristarella said...

Doh! I missed Toosdae... I'm gonna play anyway.

1. Alarms clocks for sure.

2. Things that might get my attention include "Buffy...!", "Blogging!", "Beetroot is the best." (It so is not!) Or just my name.

3. I would make webpages and blog templates for free. I would help the church doing admin or training stuff.

Mags said...

Kristen, thank you for being the only other person to have a weird and random thing you'd respond to...beetroot?

Yeah. I think that's why we like each other. ;)

(Glad you got here!)