Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Do you remember?

The feeling you get when you jump in, feet first, not caring if you fall farther than you planned, not caring if you had enough breath or if your bathing suit would slip free, leaving you exposed in the cool, smooth water?

Do you remember the way you feel when you realize you jumped in too deep and the wave of panic that tingles right down to the toes that touch the rocky bottom?

How long do you linger at that ever distant bottom wondering if you'll make it, tempting fate and your lungs to see how long you can endure?

Not long, I presume, for it's not the lungs that fight and fate is not easily tempted. Shortly after reaching the bottom, it's your soul that sets the feet in motion and your heart that keeps them going.

It's knowing that whatever depth you reached and however far you fell, your only hope for survival is to swim to the surface.

Never forget the feeling of the bottom, because it helps you to keep swimming to the surface.


Heather said...

Hi Mags! My name is Heather (as you can see) and I am a friend of C-Unit's :) She introduced me to your blog, so I got one of my own...You are a very intersting soul...I enjoy reading what you post! An astounding keep me intrigued for what's to come!!

Mags said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to hear that you started your own blog based on mine.

That's AWESOME!!!

And I'm happy that I keep you intrigued. I achieved a goal of mine that is listed on "Before I'm gone" (a blog on my blogroll) I was the first one to post a list for her and one of my wishes was to "become intriguing" So, yay!

Hawaiianmark said...

You do that surprisingly well....

Water, my other home.

Welcome home!


Mags said...

Thanks Mark!