Friday, March 17, 2006

How I Survived

One week back from vacation and I survived! Here's how I did it.

1. I was home
2. I was distracted by heartbreak, then hope, then heartbreak, then hope...
3. Boneless spareribs and white rice, 1 cheese calzone and 1 homemade salad with grilled chicken and garlic bread. All of them were on the "Items not allowed on my diet" list, but that's why they were wonderful.
4. Having friends that back me up and agree with things I think and say.
5. Surprise phone calls from a cute boy.
6. Reorganization of all of my paperwork. (Sounds boring, but it's a great feeling to have it done!)
7. Snow-just enough to see but not enough to shovel. Perfecto!
8. Hearing someone say, "I don't care if I call a meeting to count the paperclips-you're going to be here!"
9. Realizing that I hate it when guys use the word "Ladies"..."Hello ladies" or "Excuse me ladies". The only people I ever hear use this are players or doormen. And I guess I don't have anything against doormen...
10. Laughing at myself for falling for the "lowered chair" trick.
11. Brando's funny list
12. I had some really good dreams.
13. Being proud of myself for somehow always coming through.
14. Girls night out scheduled-for celebration or support-to be determined. 15. I'm home.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Hamel said...

Funny, but I call all the female students at school "ladies." Boys are "guys," and a mixed group is "folks."

Mags said...


You must be a player.


Just kidding. A doorman...

Hamel said...

A doorman, now that's fitting.

Mags said...

Well-you DO open a lot of doors for the people you know.

One who listens said...

Oh no! I'm a doorman!

I tend to like to give women the benefit of the doubt, and if they're not ladies, well, that's not my assumption to make. ;)


Anonymous said...

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