Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Worth A Hill Of Beans

This just in: refried beans are only 1 point!

*Does the victory dance*

For the last week I've been trying out Weight Watchers. I signed up online and track what I eat daily. If you are not familiar, they work on a point system. Basically, the fatter you are, the more you get to eat-just as in regular caloric intake.

At first it was hard, mainly-because as I've said before-I don't typically eat a lot. It's hard for me to get in a full breakfast, lunch AND dinner with snacks, water, milk etc...but it's amazing what happens when you feed your body.

Last week was a hard week emotionally for me and on Thursday night after work I decided to take myself out to dinner to relax. Mexican is my favorite, and so it was my natural choice. I didn't count points, I had a drink and I even had dessert-something I rarely do unless I out with my girl-posse. If I hadn't treated myself, I think I would have done better, but week one brought a 2 pound loss.

I'm pretty happy with that. I like that something happened in the first week. It's always good reinforcement to see results, even if it's just numbers.

I've also been doing 45 minutes of a Pilates workout during the week. I suppose I should dust off my sneaks and head back to the gym for some cardio, which would produce even better results next week. We'll see.
And yes, my love of refried beans has now escalated. Finding out that food I love is low in points makes me happy. I've been making wraps for dinner eat night with refried beans, fat free cheese, lettuce and salsa. Yummilicious! They're so good that I actually look forward to dinner each night. And yes, I have been eating them for 6 nights straight now.

Nothing more to this post except that I'm excited about the 2 pounds and the beans. Maybe some of you would like to start too.
Or not. Whatever.


kristarella said...

Yeh I wouldn't hate to lose a few pounds... maybe ten, maybe more maybe less. I find it difficult to bring myself to adhere to eating plans (I know that's not really what weight watchers is) when I have to feed myhusband as well.

Flipper said...

Sounds like my kinda dinner mags!!! yummmmmy is right!!!

OrioleGal9 said...

Congrats girl! I know I could lose a few myself that I seemed to have gained while being with Keith. Somehow, I've adapted to his eating habits instead of him adapting to my healthier eating style!