Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wanted: Your Ass

I've been toying with the idea of getting a kitten again. Though I was never a cat person and am still more of a dog person, I did really love my 2 cats, Sarah aka "Sarawara" and Abby aka "Abbadabbadoo". I also had Sammy the Cat, but I gave him away early b/c the girls hated him.

In any case, today when I was looking online for possible kitten donors, I came across four separate ads for donkeys for sale.

Yes. 4 different ones.

And I don't live in a particularly bucolic area-so it's weird that people are just raising donkeys. I didn't realize they were in that high of a demand.

But what really got me was after all of these ads, there was someone actually LOOKING for a donkey. And what I love the most about this person...well, read the ad and see if you know...

Wanted a donkey as a pasture mate and to eat brush. Would be willing to borrow for a few months. nice of them to be willing to borrow my ass for a few months...he's very generous.


DinaLove said...

That guy is going NOWHERE near my ass. Perv.

Mags said...

I know. And he wasn't even willing to PAY for it....


Anonymous said...

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