Monday, February 13, 2006

The Tree of Healing

"Your hands get very warm. You have natural healing energy. Did you know that? If you wanted to go into energy work or massage therapy, you'd be perfect for that. Your hands are very warm."

This was the opening statement from my psychic reading today. It comes just 2 days after the last installment of a running joke Mr. CM has about how hot my hands get. Small children, he says, would burst into flames if touched by my hands.

So when she led with the hands comment (and the massage comment, I might add) I was hooked.

I've always believed in the "something more's" of the world...the thought that certain people posses a gift to see and hear things that others can't. And I've always known that my belief makes me more open and willing to accept what comes my way.

Today when I mounted the stairs to the Tree of Healing, I was both anxious and nervous. I was afraid that by going through with the reading, it was somehow diminishing the faith I have in God. I was also worried that I would find something out that I did not necessarily want to know.

Once inside, after being greeted by a soothing desktop fountain and several candles, Joanne welcomed me; a warm, friendly, down to earth "hello"-the one I knew she would give.

There were no crystal balls, no bangles hanging from her wrists and she didn't have a third nipple. (Though I can't be sure about that one) Her office could easily have been anyone's. It was comfortable, and clean, and bright. I sat in a leather high back chair.

As she read my aura, I became more enthralled with her gift. I told her nothing about myself prior to the appointment-I don't think she even knows my last name. There was no pre-reading "get to know you" session. I simply sat down and she started. There was no way she could have known about the things she told me.

No way.

She told me about things I already knew about myself-how I hold things in my heart and blame myself for things that have happened to me in the past. We talked about the process of letting that go and how I could move on from them.

Closure was a big part of the reading. For me, as well as for others who popped up.

She said things that made me gasp and things that almost made me cry.

She asked me about my knee problem and challenged the doctors that diagnosed me so many years ago. She asked about my father, by name and told me about where she saw our relationship, which has always been strained, will go.

She asked me about a massage I recently got, and told me I need to do more of that sort of thing for myself, and told me to stop worrying about other people, and to take care of myself.

She told me about the art class I was thinking of taking, told me what month they started in, and even told me about culinary school-which she was told to stress that I "Should not worry about the money, just focus on the culinary school." She told me she sees me as a party planner/caterer-which is exactly what I would do with my culinary training.

She knew my love of green and why I love it, knew about Jamie and told me that I was not what he said I was, and how long ago he said them. She knew about Mr. CM and told me things about that. She even knew about our Florida trips.

The only thing that saddened me about the reading was the part about my mother. She told me that if my mother did not get help and did not let go of her anger, she would have heart problems. I think she already has them, but now the pain is sadness-later it might be physical.

When the reading was done, Joanne gave me a hug and told me to take care of myself-something that I admit I don't do very well. I left her office with a grin the size of Texas and a heart filled with hope and joy. My step was a little lighter; the day a little brighter.

My world makes a bit more sense to me today. Things I've felt but buried I now know how to move past, things I've questioned, judgments I've made-have been affirmed and my awe for people like Joanne has grown 150%.

If you have never experienced a Clairvoyant Reading for yourself, I whole heartedly recommend it. If you are a skeptic, you will believe and if you believe-you are in for something beautiful.

Oh-and as for my faith in God being questioned-I no longer feel that way. In order to cleanse my soul and focus on what I want instead of what I don't want-I still need my faith to get me through.

And I'll always have Psalm 57. I hope someday I can share it with you too.


OrioleGal9 said...

Wow Mags...that is awesome. It's always nice to see how others see us and can tell our innermost secrets and dreams.

By the way...Happy Valentine's Day!

Mags said...

It was a HUGE relief to hear the things she had to was very cool.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

Hamel said...

Happy Valentines Day to you, Warm Hands!!!


alison koh said...

i've gone through pranic healing and self healing session too, it's amazing isn't it? hope all is well for you. :)