Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

I seem to be missing one of my ever faithful Toosdae participants. So...the rest of you should feel bad for me and answer these. K?

1. Would you rather have to drink a glass of spicy mustard or eat a serving of french fries out of a public garbage can?

2. If you had to join the circus to support yourself, what role would you play.

3. I don't have a 3rd question today-so why don't you ask me something. Silly or serious, I'll do my best to answer them honestly. If you don't have a question, you can still answer the other 2.

1. I would rather drink the mustard. The fries thing could be do-able, but only if you could see them first, and only if you knew where they came from. I picture a scabby, big lipped dude oozing puss out of his lips not being able to eat the fries because the salt stung. I'd take the mustard any day of the week.

2. I would be the ring master. Either that or Crazy Wilson, simply because "Crazy Wilson" sounds cool, and I'd like to be fearless and talented.

3. (Left blank intentionally) 8-)


kristarella said...

I'm here! Had to travel home from work and then I had bible study. (I'm not sure if "K?" is me, but I'm just announcing my presence.)

1. Mustard for sure! I used to watch these guys walk home from Wahroonga (rich suburbia) train station and they'd eat stuff out of the bin. I think they were mentally retarded and didn't know that it wasn't okay.

2. I have said that I would be a trapeze artist although I'm not skinny and bendy and stuff, but let's just pretend I am and say trapeze artist.

3. Would you rather pose nude for an art class or streak a footy feild?

Mags said...

Kristarella's here! (Nope, the K was short for OK, but I'm happy that you answered!!!)

3. I love art. But I don't think I could sit still for that long. So I'd have to say streaking.

C-Unit said...

Def. the mustard. I dont think I could eat anything out of a garbage can!!!

When I was a kid I could have def been crazy wilson but since then I think I have lost my nerve. I would like to ride the elephants cause thats nice and close to the ground. What do u call then anyway?

Mags said...

C-Unit: Um...the elephant rider?


Yeah. I can't see you doing that.


megan said...

#1. As much as the idea of drinking mustard is enough to make me gag, I think I'd have to choose that over the garbage picking.

#2. If I was in the circus I would have to be one of the "behind the scenes" people. I am not a performer at all so I'd have to be part of the set-up or clean-up crew or be a ticket taker.

#3. Would you rather have to let every hair on your body grow with no shaving, plucking or waxing OR have a face full of pimples for the rest of your life?

Mags said...

Ok. Megan's question OBVIOUSLY proves she knows me well.

And she can't obviously see me having a panick attack in my cubicle because of the questions she asked me, otherwise I think she'd be over here now....

Yikes Megan. Believe it or not, I'd choose the hair. Because in your question you did not indicate a time period in which I would have to not shave etc...so if I just had to do that for say, a month-then I'd be able to look forward to the de-hairing.

But zit face forever? No way. My face is the only thing I like about my physical self!!!

Good question!!!

aka_monty said...

1. Well, were the fries still in the little cardboard package? I might go for those. ;)

2. Oh, I'd probably just be a clown. So I'm already qualified.

3. Would you rather lose your top in a crowded public swimming pool or have the wind blow your skirt up when you hadn't any underwear on?

kristarella said...

Oh yeh, I get it - Owl is missing... he's been gone since Feb 14... has anyone seen Owl?

Mags said...

Monty: I would rather lose my top in a swimming pool. Not only is skinny dipping fun, but everyone has boobies...not everyone has..well, you know.

Kristarella: yes, it's true. Owl is missing. 8-(

I fear that he didn't get his girly a good Valentine and she drummed him to death with a drum stick. ;)

GMadrid said...

1. Mustard because it would be easy.
2. Strong Man because it would be cool.
3. If you could be any farm animal which would you be and why?

Mags said...


If I were to base my decision on the book Animal Farm, I should choose the pigs, b/c they were the rulers. But I didn't like them and they wallow in mud-and I don't like dirt.

Since all animals who walk on 4 legs are friends, I'd choose a cow. Why?

Because they produce milk which provides essential vitamins for a healthy smile. And if people were starving, they could kill me and have themselves a bitchin bbq.

And also, they have pretty eyes. Really, they do.

toddsblog said...

1. Mustard...love spicy and it would be one of those "I did" things.

2. I have to be the one trying to get people to come in. I love to talk and am told I am very loud most of the time.

3. Stranded on an island...would you want a male or female companion..why?

Mags said...

Toby-love that you're here by the way....

Todd-love that you are here by the way!!

I'd want to be stuck with a male companion. I generally find men to be funnier in general and I love to laugh. Also, I think that men and women have different strengths and having one of each sex is advantageous.

And also-they could protect me, and we could populate the island if need be. ;)

One who listens said...

Good news; I didn't get beaten to death with a drumstick!


On with the answers and question:

1. I'd rather drink a glass of spicy mustard, because no matter how horrible it is, it isn't likely to have maggots and germs and cigarette ash and all the other yucky things that you are extremely likely to find in a public rubbish bin.

2. I'd like to be an acrobat, but I'd be useless because my knees would give way at a critical point, and I'd fall over and leave my other acrobat assistant in mid air for a few comedy moments before they fell to earth. I'd probably be one of the stage hands who sort out the technical equipment and point the lights at the ringmaster and stuff like that.

3. My question to you, Mags: If you had one chance, and one opportunity to go back in time (through all history) and put right what once went wrong, what would you fix and why?


Mags said...

Owl: Glad you didn't get beaten!!! Good question to me too-I would go back to Valentine's day 1999 when my then fiance neglected to get me a Valentine. It was the day I realized that perhaps he didn't love me the way he was supposed to-we were getting married in December. There were obviously a lot more things than just the Valentine but I remember standing at the door waiting for our ride to work with tears in my eyes and him yelling at me for being stupid.

If I could go back, I would choose not to marry him. It would have saved me a lot of heartache and I think I'd be in a better place today because I was stronger then.