Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

You know what Toosdae means!!! No, it doesn't mean you can run around naked while singing 3 Blind Mice...it means you're gonna answer my fun questions sillies!

1. Would you rather have to sing every word you speak or have to always speak in rhymes?

2. What is more important to you: Liberty or Security?

3. If you could have any meal in the entire world, cooked perfectly, guaranteeing you would not be full until the very end (including dessert) what would it be? Oh-and the calories wouldn't count.

1. I would rather sing every word. I've actually done it before, and it makes people laugh-even if they don't want to-and even if it annoys them. I think the reaction with the rhyming would be that of, "OMG! Stop!" There might also be punching involved.

2. Live free or die. That said, I don't wanna die, so keep me safe.

3. Mine would start with an appetizer of garlicy shrimp bruschetta on a toasted baguette. There would be wine, white, I think-Pinot Grigio. I like salads with blue cheese dressing but also garlicy crispy Caesar salads too...so one of those. Dinner would be a nice medium-rare filet with creamy mashed potatoes and broccoli-red wine to drink, Merlot. Dessert would be dulce de leche creme brulee. MMMmmmmmm...


C-Unit said...

1.Im gonna say I would rather sing everything...Only because Im not cleaver enough to speak in rhymes all the time. It would take me forever to finish a sentence. Its 3AM by the way...no, I cant sleep.
2. Security...
3.I know, I know...I always steal your answers Mags, but we are sisters so naturally we are a lot alike. The shrimp brushetta sounds good with pinot grigio but then I would want some lazy man lobster. Im not big on desserts so you could pick that for me 8)

One who listens said...

I know what Toosdae means! I know that it's not all that it seems. :)

1. Hmm that's tricky,
and I don't mean to be picky,
but I'd rather talk in rhyme
than have to sing all the time.
You see my voice is quite strong,
but quite often it's wrong;

I only hit the right notes on the way past,
and my warbling throat doesn't feel like it'll last.

Hmmm.. it's actually very tricky talking in rhyme
all the time.

Maybe I'll sing. ;)

2. Interesting question. I was just about to post a post called "To Die For", which was going to discuss this very deep issue.

I'm still gonna post it, but it requires a bit more thought.

Did I mention that I have about ten blog entries in draft mode, just waiting for me to complete?

I digress:

I'd die to keep people free from slavery to sin. Does that count?

And on a purely secular level, I think that we need an open country, where you can walk around without getting shot because someone thinks you're a terrorist, but also we need the kind of society where you can walk into someone else's house, do their washing up for them, and get to know them as people.

3. I'd have a starter of crispy aromatic duck with pancakes, and then a sausage and pasta and bacon dish that I make, (with a side order of breaded garlic mushrooms) and then a delicious mint cornetto for pudding.

One who listens said...

And the next verification word:




kristarella said...

Oooh, nice questions!

1. I'd like to sing all the time, but only if it came naturally. I'm quite alright at singing but not great at making up melodies so that bit would need to be natural.

2. Is it really freedom if you are always afraid of dying or being mugged or hurt or anything - are you free if you are afraid?

3. Oooh, so difficult, I'll backwards because for me it would have to be a well made creme brulee. Mains would probably be something with chicken. I very much enjoy burritos or enchiladas so it might be some of those, however that doesn't go so well with creme brulee so if it had to match I would have some kind of french/italian chicken with creamy sauce and one of the vegies could be brocollini. Entree could be something thai, I really like fish cakes, or money bags... mmm - I should really go and cook dinner now.

Mags said...

C-Unit: Holy cow! I'm sorry you couldn't sleep, but glad you had something to do during your insomnia! 8-) And as I went to sleep last night, I thought of lobster.

Owl: The management apologizes from the bottom of their hearts for such a swanky verification word!

Krista: I'd like some money bags too, but not for dinner!!!

megan said...

1. I'd rather speak in rhyme because my voice is hideous. I can't carry a tune in a bag.

2. Security, no doubt. I'm too much of a chicken to feel scared all the time.

3. This is a hard one. I love food so much that choosing one favorite meal is next to impossible. Let me try to narrow it down. I'd start with a glass of easy to drink red wine, Pinot Noir. My appetizer would be shrimp and crab stuffed mushrooms. My salad would be mesclum greens with roasted red peppers, gorgonzola cheese, artichoke hearts, sunflower seeds and balsamic dressing. Main course would be Filet Mignon, Medium Rare a port wine demi, twice baked potato and creamed broccoli rabe and spinach. Dessert would be NY style cheesecake with fresh berries and a glass of Framboise raspberry port.

Mags said...

Megan: I thought of you last night when I posted the last question. I KNEW you'd be my girl to answer this well!!! Good choices. (When is GNO?)

Hamel said...

1. Could I be mute, and just write?

2. Liberty. A man without liberty is not a man.

3. A toasted peanut butter sandwich. I'm for quick meals. . .

Mags said...

Hamel: I think I'll have to step down as the FSWOH thing. The whole reason of having a husband is to cook for him.

(Ok, not the WHOLE reason)


Hamel said...

Yes, it'll never work. I'm too much on the go and busy to sit down for a meal.

Was nice while it lasted, I suppose.

Mags said...

Great. Another divorce.

Thanks Hamel. Geez. ;)