Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Toosdae ?'s on Wednesday

Hello everyone! Wouldn't it wonderful for me to come back to find that everyone answered my questions?! Gee wiz, I'd be so happy. 8-)

Oh, and don't forget to VOTE FOR ME.

1. Would you rather be caught looking through your friend's wallet or siphoning a small amount of gas from their car?

2. Are you more apt to judge someone on their lifestyle or their attitude?

3. Name one toy you had as a child that meant a lot to you. Do you still have it?

1. Siphoning gas. I once read my friend's diary and besides being disappointed in what she wrote about me, the guilt and shame I felt was horrible. I have never 'snooped' again. At least if I was siphoning gas, there'd have to be a good reason, and my friend would know that right away. I mean-I'm SIPHONING gas...c'mon.

2. I am more apt to judge someone on their attitude. People's lifestyles are their own business as long as they aren't hurting anyone. As long as people are kind and respectful, I do not care what or who they are.

3. A doll named "Baby Beth" that my Aunt Carol gave me when I was very little. She went everywhere with me, including in the pool, which made her body cave in and become hollow. She is now one of the ugliest little dolls in the world, but I still have her and she still means a lot to me. (Though I've stopped taking her around with me)


OrioleGal9 said...

Alright here goes...I've never answered your Toosdae ?'s

1. I think I'd rather be caught looking through the wallet. Hello, the only way I've seen people siphon gas (granted it has always been on some old TV show) is by sucking the hose to get it flowing. And I would sure end up with Gas in my mouth.

2. Definitely attitude. I'm pretty open about lifestyles...I worked at Disney World after all.

3. I can't believe you said Baby Beth! I had one too. And like yours she is probably the ugliest doll now. My old neighbor Jessica and I abused that doll. We colored on her with crayons. I think we also made a mixture of baby powder and lotion and rubbed it all over, but that may be another toy. I have no idea if she's still around though.

However, the toy that meant a lot to me is my first Cabbage Patch Doll, she has a pacifier with brown hair and her name is Toni Gwendolyn. I remember when they came out that I thought they were the ugliest dolls ever and I told my mom that I never wanted one. Well of course Christmas came around and I HAD to have one. So my Mom & Dad trying to be the best "Santa Claus's" around fought the maddening crowds at Toys R Us to get my sister and I one.

I know that she is still around with her premie brother Nicholas Jesse (also with pacifier) and their Furskin friend Dudley all in my parents attic for their future grandchildren to play with.

Mags said...

Yay!!! T answered my questions!!! 8-) (15 days and counting!!)

Good point about the gas in your mouth-but I think I'd still take that over the guilt I'd have for snooping.

And also-it's WICKED funny that you had a Baby Beth!!! I painted her nails and then for some reason bit them off-(LOL!) that must've been the start to my whole texture thing...and I was a freak for Cabbage Patch Dolls too-though mine were given away to my sisters...

MTM said...

Hay you should get LOST on itunes. I just bought it two days ago & I am almost caught up...
Thanks for the comment..

Big Ben said...

No toys really stick out in my bind as being very special. I really liked Transformers, but I sold them to a toy collector!

kristarella said...

1. The wallet for sure. When we were in high school if we left our wallets sitting out it was going to get looked in for sure - for love notes etc! Alas all I have it ATM receipts now, but my friend has new boyfriend!

2. Lifestyle - the bible has a fairly clear point of view on the matter whereas sometimes I think people are being rude or something when actually they just have a brash sense of humour.

3. I had a blue stuffed rabbit named Bunny. It was the second gift I got when I was born. I carried it around by the scruff of the neck for so many years that there's no blue fur in two spots behing the head! It's at my parent's place.

Aaah! The word verification hates me! This is the third time it's making me enter, here goes...

megan said...

1. Id rather get snagged sucking gas. There is no legitimate reason you could blurt out if you were pawing through someones wallet. But at least with gas you could use the "Im empty and I just needed a bit to get myself to the nearest gas station"

2. Lifestyle. I think someone's lifestyle is based on the kind of person they are. But an attitude can change based on illness, anger, hormones, fear etc. It's much more subjective.

3. I remember getting a skateboard one year for my birthday that I totally loved. Although I wasnt much of a skater I remember being excited because it was one of the first things I ever asked for that I actually got. Most of my holiday and birthday gifts were underwear, sweaters, socks, and pj's.

Mags said...

Yahoo! Finally someone else chose the siphoning option!!!

Way to go Meg.

One who listens said...

Well, it's technically Tuesday when I answer this, so I guess I'm early. :)

1. I'd rather be caught siphoning petrol from their car. I'd explain that as soon as I got to the garage and filled up, I'd return their petrol.

That said, I'm more likely to get a lift with them and fill up a cannister of petrol to fill my own tank. :)

2. I'm more likely to judge what people do rather than people's attitude. I don't judge people, I judge behaviours. And I try not to do that more than I need to.

But if someone steals something, then they are a thief. That's not me judging. That's just the definition of the word.

3. I still have a black and white teddy bear that I got given shortly after I was born. It doesn't have a name. It's just my teddy.