Sunday, February 19, 2006

Speak Up for the Chubby Kid!

I just got back from reading Ruben's blog which led me to Tai's blog on the same subject. When I started commenting to Tai, I remembered how passionate I am about fighting for the underdog...

And don't get me wrong, I'm not a saint in any way...some of my funniest times with my friends are when we are making fun of people. I suppose the difference is that the people I associate with would NEVER (did you get that, never) pick on someone merely to be mean, or to get our jollies.

This was my comment:

I'm having trouble with this-only because your point is well taken-take away their audience, and who will they have to "perform" for...

Yet, I still feel it's wrong to not say ANYTHING. I'm not talking about if someone has a gun etc...those are extreme situations. But in everyday life, when I hear people disrespecting others-it's hard for me to say, "Ah-they'll never change" and move on.

Because if they aren't made to change-if bad comments and disrespect becomes OK and acceptable-change will NEVER happen.

Hate will grow.

But if they had guns-yeah-I'd totally shut up.

What's the saying....Be the change you want to see...if I hear someone making fun of a chubby little boy and don't say anything-if I make it OK and let the offenders know that I DON'T CARE...why would they stop?

If someone overhears the name calling and the ridicule, and notices, too, that there are no ramifications for their actions-that someone may just join in or try to push the envelope in another situation.


Stop it in its tracks. Don't let it spread. Be strong, be kind, and don't allow others to live any other way.

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I'm with you is a CANCER!!!