Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Snakes? Yuck.

The title of this post was "Elephants Rule" just because it was random and I like elephants. But then-someone posted comments about an elephant, taking away the randomivity of my title and only making it seem like I am mean.

I drank 10 glasses of water yesterday. Does walking to the bathroom a gazillion times count as exercise?

I’ve never been what you’d call-graceful. This point was driven home the other day when I was doing my Pilates workout with an exercise ball. Yeah-I fell off.

Do you ever notice that when you are trying to watch what you eat everyone you know is either talking about food or writing about it? I don’t even like Taco Bell!

Just because I downloaded a song that I’ve secretly loved for a while now does not mean I like country. (Bless the Broken Road) His name is Rascal people-how could I NOT like it?

Steven Colbert made me laugh when talking about the James Frey thing-he said that he didn’t care that Frey stretched the truth. We stretch taffy-and it only makes it yummier.

Can bad breath really burn? Besides our nose hairs, I mean.

Sometimes, a girl can indeed become a comma. Dina, do you ever find out how she overcomes it?

Has anyone ever been to a psychic? If so, please share your experiences. Cause, like, I’m totally impatient this week-and I need answers man!

Sometimes I remember things my friends say and it still makes me laugh out loud. This time it’s the lovely Megan who’s brought me laughter-we had one of those edible creations in our office a few months ago and the chocolate covered strawberries looked suspiciously like….penis heads. And after the joking was over, Megan stood up and pointed to one and said, “Hey-I KNOW that guy!” You are one funny chick Meg!

Today is February 1st. That means-30 days…and couwntingggg…..(said like the guy in that Bond movie when he’s counting down-you know the one-with the girl who hides the tape…c’mon, help me out here)

I feel pretty good about myself. My taxes are DONE!

I got so involved just now I forgot to tell you what I’m counting down to. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!

Sometimes getting a prescription filled is a life-changing event.


GMadrid said...

Hee Hee I had elephants. :)

Mags said...

Yes, you did. I posted my blog and then read yours this morning and said, "Great. Now that the whole "Elephant Trampling thing" was brought to light, I'm just gonna look mean by posting something entitled, "Elephants Rule" and therefore opted to change the title.

So, thanks. 8-)

C-Unit said...

I knew what you were talkin about!! Guess what, we are going to pleasure island and we are gonna sit in the hot tub with a drink in our hands and listen to the band!!! yippppeeeee!!!!

Mags said...

Yes, C-Unit-we are going to PI for sure one for the hot tub and the band, well, you know me, I can't get pruney. BUT I will def. be in on the drinks. 8-)


C-Unit said...

Ur a damn fool if your not gonna go in the hot tub. Well...sux for you. You can sit in the lounge chair next to it if you want..loser!!!

kristarella said...

Mags did you know there's a random flash thing embeded on you page? It's weird, everytime I come here I get this box with and F in it (cos of the firefox plugin that blocks flash) that is in the middle of the page about in line with the top post heading. Then when I click on it to play it it's invisible... very random.

Mags said...


Just kidding. I'd say that is pretty harsh though. I didn't say I wasn't going INTO the hot tub, only that I am not going to soak for hours while listening to a band.

Krista: No-I didn't know that it flashes-I've not heard that before. Sorry-I hope it doesn't stop you from coming by!

Janet said...

This is a bit outdated, but my friends and I used to love to go to the cheap, boardwalk psychics. In fact, we'll still go if we see one from time to time. I never got a particularly good reading but one time my friend sat down, they looked at her and said, "you're adopted". Freaked me out.