Sunday, February 05, 2006

Share A Secret

Every Sunday I read PostSecret. I like seeing the creative ways people let their feelings out and sometimes I am really shocked about some of the confessions. It not only helps me feel like I am not alone, but also to remember that I do not have it bad-at all.

It also reminds me how very alike we all are-no matter who we are or where we live-we're very un-unique creatures.

Especially today when I was checking (in earnest) to see if something I sent in was posted. It wasn't, yet again (I've sent 2) and then I saw this:

It's just the way I was feeling today when I looked at the website. And there it is-someone else feeling the same way. I'd be pissed though, if I sent that in and that is the one that got posted.

I suppose I'll try 1 more time and send another one in-making sure it is WAY creative-though the last one was pretty cool.

And also, I'll have to wait a long time, since you'll all now be looking for one thinking, "Is that Mags' postcard?"

And no, if you are a loyal PS fan, I did not send the one with Mickey Mouse ears stating that the dirtiest thing I've ever done, I did there...PuhLEASE!


kristarella said...

I'm hesitant to go check this secret site out. I believe I have a very addictive personality when it comes to people writing on the internet - I love blogging! I don't need to be addicted to secret telling and start making up secrets about me to get on there!

I like the clock, no need to get rid of it =)

Segue said...

(This is unrelated to this post...)

I just wanted to say Thanks for stopping by my blog, and quite regularly, at that. I have no clue how you found it, but thanks for reading. :)

Funny story: One of my blog-pals is moving in with her boyfriend, whom she calls "Mags". And right around the time that she announced it online, YOU suddenly appeared in my blog comments.

You're not the same "Mags", but for a minute, I thought I busted her on some lesbianism or something.

Mags said...

Krista: I understand what you mean, but I recommend this site. You WILL be addicted!!

Segue! You are very welcome! And thanks for stopping by here. I believe I found you through Hawaiian Mark who has posting from Zilla and Zilla links to you.

But I could be wrong.

Thanks again!!