Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scaredy Cat

Have any of you ever had their houses broken into? If so, how long afterwards does it take for you to not feel scared?

I got a call from my alarm company today telling me my alarm was going off. Before when I got these calls, I would not freak out because my puppy was most likely the culprit. I'd simply tell them my secret code word and drive home, only to find that Lance did indeed get out of the kitchen.

I don't have any pets anymore, and so hearing that my alarm was going off today was quite, well...alarming. Especially because they told me the breach was in the basement-which can be accessed from the back of my house. It was, afterall, getting dark, and someone could easily get back there and not be seen.

So the police were called and nothing was wrong. But when I got home later after work, I was scared to death to walk in. I did my best Charlies Angels moves with a mag light in one hand and my cell phone in the other. I checked every nook, and yes, every cranny, and found that I thankfully was alone.

But now I hear noises outside-cars, sirens...trees. And I'm jumpy.

When does that go away? Please tell me it's soon. And if you have an antidote that'll make the fear go away faster-please share.


Dr. Evil said...

The answer is time, only time.
I had my home broken into quite some time ago. In fact I did not know it at the time but I came home while the perp was still there. If my room-mate had locked the front door with the double deadbolt the perp would have become trapped and there would have been a confrontation. Instead he went out the door and I turned left down the hall to my room. I remember it took a few minutes to figure out wat happened. All the doors were open droors left open stuff strewn everywhere. I lost cash, electronics, and my dignity. After that happened I learned how to protect myself and I am always very careful now, and it is in that that I rely to keep myself and my family safe.

Mags said...

DR. EVIL!!!!!

I love it when you are here!!! 8-)

I'm so happy I don't even care about being scared!! Is it Christmas again yet???? ;) I hope you are well.

Thank you for the comment. I don't suppose I could get some Professor Dermadors magic potion to help me out on this one?!

Hee hee hee.

Hamel said...

My house was broken into when I lived in Decatur, GA. My grandmother's house also was broken into. Dr. Evil's right, it's time. My grandmother felt unsafe. I, on the other hand, looked at it this way: they broke in on a weekday in the middle of the workday when they figured most people are working. They didn't *want* to find me there or they would have come at night or some other time. They wanted my *stuff* and not *me*. Fine, they can keep my stuff, just leave me alone.

You're safe, Mags, and figure your chances of getting hit a second time are slim to none.

Mags said...

Thanks Hamel, but unfortunately it was Jamie who broke in. Granted, you are right, I doubt that he'd do that again, but he is pretty nuts. It's just un-nerving when you get that call, and then have to walk into the house alone.

One who listens said...

I am a very light sleeper, and often during the night, I awaken to hear "something". Normally it's just the central heating settling down, or a neighbour getting a glass of water from the kitchen (I live in a semi-detached house), but I still go down to check.

I use my patented "arm above head parallel to the ground" move to walk from room to room in case anyone is there, and I always make sure that there's a key near both the doors so that someone can get out if they want to.

Mind you, I tend to rely on people tripping over the chaos that is my front room and making a racket, and hopefully giving up in disgust.

But I've never (thank God) been broken into.


Hamel said...

Mags, that changes everything. You're right. Can you break into his house? OK, I'm joking trying for a smile, not to make light of your situation.

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