Friday, February 24, 2006

Pickle Juice

I guess it's odd, being offered a pickle in the office. But it was me who was offering, which makes it a little less odd.

It makes me odd, yes, but the offer-not so odd.

I think it says something funny about the people who gladly accept the random pickle offer. It says they're fun, they're zaney-and they too, enjoy the cold, crisp flavor of a sour pickle.

Yeah, I'm weird-but so are they.

My funniest offer was to the new guy in the office. He's been stuck in the conference room for days with Pepe La Rue-but is often left alone. Over the last few days he's popped his head out to chat with Megan and I, so I felt like he deserved a pickle if he wanted one.

"Hey-do you wanna pickle?" I asked as I walked by the conference room.

He paused, chuckled and said, "Um, I'm good, thanks."

Of course my "Whatever...." came out naturally, as if to say, "Ok loser-you don't know what you're missin'"

About a 1/2 hour later I walked by again, and realized that a random person he just met (a manager at that) just offered him a pickle.

That alone is funny to me.

But I also realized that if someone offered me a pickle when I was the new kid I'd say no too.

Because what if "a pickle" was some weird initiation ritual and by saying 'yes' I would fall prey to their evil schemes?

So I told him as I walked by again: "Really-I've got pickles over there-it's not some 'you're the new kid' joke. If you'd like one, feel free. They're really good."

He chuckled again and said, "Ok....I WAS wondering's not everyday you get offered a pickle!"

He still didn't take one. His employment, at this point, is up in the air...


OrioleGal9 said...

I too have offered "strange" food to people at work. Not up to par with pickles...but pork rinds and Wasabi/Soy Almonds. Nothing to strange about almonds, but the pork rinds could be a little random and disgusting to some!

But I would have taken a pickle from you anytime. Are they special pickles?

Mags said...

Oh yeah-they're special alright! Yummy whole garlic sours. MMMMMMM.

(You know the only reason I offered was so that they too, had pickle breath!)

And also? I think it says something about a person who will call you from Florida to accept a pickle...I'm just sayin'. ;)

OrioleGal9 said...

But did you make the pickles?

or are they just plain store bought?

megan said...

Just for the record,,,, I took one of the offered pickles and it was darn good.

Mags said...

There's aint nothing plain about these pickles honey!

And Megan, you fall under the: a little zaney category. ;)

Madeline said...

That is so cool! hhehehe. I like the random pickle asking. hehe. nice. GO MAGS!! hehe

Matt Vella said...

Ya really have to be in the mood for a pickle.

Well, I do anyway. :)

Jason said...

I think it would have to depend on the type of pickle for me to say if I would accept it or not on my first day. A little baby gerkhin is a big different from a giant dill.

Ruben said...

I could have said so many naughty , ridiculous things but I will spare you and keep them to myself. LOL

One who listens said...

I would have to say that I'd never have accepted the pickle. I cannot stand the things. I even pick the gherkins (which I think of as being almost identical, even if they're not) out of MacDonalds burgers.

My girly loves pickles, so I have a safe outlet for all my pickle offers which I cannot (for one reason or another) avoid.

I would, however, offer something out of my snack drawer in return.

Maoam, anyone?

Owl. :)

Mags said...

Oh no Owl-you don't like pickles?!?! That's crazy.