Friday, February 10, 2006

Look Up

Look up from the ground
and look into my eyes,
What are you hiding from?
Why the disguise?

See that I’m human
just as you are-
There’s really no difference.
We have the same scars.

Your eyes may be brown,
And my color is green…
but if you’ll look up,
the color’s unseen.

The other night at the mall I noticed that we make very little eye contact with others. For me, it’s not by choice. I rather like looking someone in the eyes and smiling at them, especially because they don’t expect it.

But for most people, walking through their day without having to connect with another person is welcomed. And it’s really too bad. Because the more we disconnect ourselves from other people-the worse our society will become.

How many of you use the automatic checkouts at the store? I know I do. Sometimes it has nothing to do with who is the regular checkout clerk-but other times I simply do not want to talk to anyone, and so I choose to scan and bag myself.

We use drive throughs-not only because we’re lazy but also so we don’t have to interact with anyone in the restaurant. We shop online, we pump our own gas (except my NJ readers!) and find hundreds of other ways to eliminate communicating with other human beings.

And when someone is friendly, and breaches our “Stay Away From Me” barrier, we think they are weird, or crazy, and often treat them badly.

How can we stop our society from becoming one that shuns human contact?

Start by looking up.


Hamel said...

We make friends through blogs and e-mail, responding and "talking" when we're in the mood, and not when the other is in the mood to hear ;: Funny and thought-provoking at once.

Hepcat said...

Mags, the first thing I thought of when you talked about looking up and smiling at people is the movie "Patch Adams" and the little experiment that Patch and Truman perform related to smiling and saying hello.

What I never have been able to understand is how someone can be having such a bad day that it requires returning your smile with a terrible scowl. Oh well, a good smile I think makes everyone feel better. Though, if that isn't reason enough, follow the advice of one of the best t-shirts I think I have ever seen, because if it's on a t-shirt, it must be good advice (Perhaps that doesn't go for all things, but it works here)...hmm I think I am rambling. And now, without further ado, rambling, and of course musing, the brilliant wisdom of said t-shirt that almost made me laugh outloud while working at Universal....

"Smile, it confuses people"

P.S. I think i need to not write when I am in a goofy, Friday is almost over, mood.

P.P.S. My "Word" verification is 'frdmcmcy' I guess words don't need vowels anymore :)

Mags said...

Hepcat-I think you should write ESPECIALLY when you are in a silly moood!!!


kristarella said...

Wow! You guys save self service at the supermarket? We don't have that. We have to go to the checkout lady, even if they are in a bad mood.

Maybe we as people are tired of being burnt by others; the sting of their moods, the facte most of the time they don't care. On the net we can write when we want, read when we want, comment when we want... although one time blogging made me cry too - oh well.

Mags said...

Kristarella, I think that's part of the problem is that people aren't willing to step out of their comfort zones in order to take a chance and do something nice for people-everyone has walls and they are afraid to let them down, even though what they might discover and feel may just be what they needed.