Thursday, February 02, 2006

House Broken: Part 14

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She was good at keeping her sadness hidden. Her smile was bright enough to draw attention away from the fact that the twinkle in her eye was missing. And she smiled a lot.

But he knew.

He saw the void-the sadness that was slowly overcoming her as Christmas drew near and the realization that she would be far away from those she loved washed over her.

As he sat in the break room, he sunk back into his chair, closed his eyes and remembered her stories. They were wonderful stories of her loud and boisterous family and what seemed to him like 100 small cousins. Sometimes, if he looked close enough, he thought that he could actually see her spirit bubbling over with joy when she talked about them.

It broke his heart to see her sad, especially during Christmas-her favorite time of year. He understood her sadness though, because the same realization was slowly washing over him. Only his sadness was because she would soon be leaving.


“Hi there-Why are you in a greeter costume and not the Main Street costume? I thought you had parade audience control tonight?”

“I had PAC, I switched so I could be up here.” She knew he would be disappointed. She checked his schedule earlier and noticed he was working PAC-most likely because he thought she was.

His face fell. “I was hoping to watch the Christmas parade with you. You haven’t actually watched it yet, and I want you to see if for the first time with me, from my favorite spot.”

“Oh…maybe I can come over once it starts. We’re usually slow up here while the parade is going, especially tonight.” It was the first night of a special month-long after hours Christmas party. She would not have guessed that he had a plan.

“Please try. I want you to see it with me for the first time.” His smile broadened. She noted the hint of pride in his voice; pride not only for where they worked, but also for this particular parade. She liked that he was a know-it-all, and that he felt connected to Main Street. It made her happy to know that when she went back home, he would be able to describe everything she was missing in detail.

“I’ll make it happen. I’ll meet you over there when it starts.” She leaned in and hugged him and skipped out of the break room, ready for a night of laughter and a special viewing of the Christmas Parade with the man she loved.


kristarella said...

You have a lovely writing style Mags.

I also figured out the flash thing. It's the clock, when I click play it goes back down to the sidebar...

Mags said...

Thank you very much Kristarella!! I appreciate your compliment very much.

And also, I'm glad to hear you found out what it was...the clock doesn't blink for me here so I didn't know it did that...let me know if it's a huge problem and if so, I'll take the clock off.

OrioleGal9 said...

What a moving story!

It's a wonderful way for you to get it out though and so moving!

What is your countdown now?

Miss you bunches

Mags said...


I like that you said you miss me bunches. It's not something I would associate with you saying, and it just makes me smile!!!

Less than 1 month to go!!!!!

OrioleGal9 said...

Wow...I can't believe you wouldn't expect "bunches" out of me. I've been using that for years!

Mags said...


I've NEVER heard you say that!! I guess I've just never been missed "bunches" by you.

Happy to hear I've moved up. ;)