Sunday, February 05, 2006

1st & Ten

Being that I was finally taught some of the rules and regs of football, and tonight was the Superbowl...I watched it. And, I might add-I understood and enjoyed it. Ok. That's not entirely true. I understood most of it. But I did enjoy it. Here are some things a la my brain.

Sometimes, when you don't know the rules all that well and a play is not very well defined, you can't always take your cues from the players. It's very hard to tell when they are happy about something or when they are angry-the body language is the same. (Body smashes, angry flarey arms and some sort of yelling)

#43, Troy Polamalu looked like Sweetums the Muppet with his hair all crazy and wild. Especially when he was charging. (Except in this pic from the link-he looks very cute.)

The lamb streaker commercial was very, very funny. I just sort of wish they didn't make the lamb dance. It was funny enough that it was just not wooly.

The commercial for the Cadillac Escalade-the one where it comes out of the water on a fashion runway-was lame.

Dove's "Real Beauty" commercial was the most touching of the SB. They've also found a smarter way to promote real beauty than this summer, when they just had large women in underwear-which made people angry for some reason.

I don't think I'VE ever made a grown man cry.

At one point during the performance, Mick put his Mic in his pants to unbutton his shirt. I thought for a second there he was doing something lude and remembered the 5 second delay now in place...though no delay in the world would have made seeing Mick's Dick would have made it ok.

His dancing is also very reminiscent of Richard Simmons' "Sweating To The Oldies".

It seemed to me like this year's commercials were more focused on TV shows than ads. Anyone else notice that?

I like that they call him "Fast Willie Parker". Especially after tonight. (Any holy cow-he's hot too!)

The most disturbing commercial was the Nationwide commercial in which we see Fabio age-as if Fabio wasn't scary enough. At least he doesn't go bald though.

I know that #99 Seattle's Rocky Bernard was injured, but when he grabbed his butt while running in the 3rd quarter, it just looked like he realized he pooped his pants. (Perhaps he could do a Taco Bell commercial) And I laughed out loud when the commentators were trying to figure out why they had to pull his pants down for his injury.

So, thanks to the ever wonderful Mr. CM for being the only boy to ever take the time to learn me the rules of football...

Nite sports fans!


megan said...

After hearing your version of the Super Bowl I'm almost disappointed that I didn't watch it. When it comes to sports I'd rather watch paint dry than a sporting event. But after missing some guy signalling that he pooped his pants, a streaking lamb , a Richard Simmons wanna-be, and Fabio, I almost feel bad about not watching. And to think I just spent time with my kids then started a really good book, oh well there's always next year.

Anonymous said...

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