Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

...Pretty please? (Bats her eyelashes and flashes a smile...)

1. Would you rather have steam blow out of your ears every time you get angry or have a long tongue that rolls down to the floor every time you see someone hot?

2. If you could spend one day as:
A) a member of the opposite sex
B) a member of a different race
C) an animal
...which would you pick and why?

3. Are you more of a road trip person or a cruise/resort person?

1. I don't get angry very often so I think I'd choose the steam. There are only a few people who make me angry and steam blowing out of my ears would make them angry, and therefore, would make me laugh...which is always a good thing in my book. Plus, you never know where your tongue will land-there are some really gross floors out there.

2. I would choose to spend a day as a man. Though I love learning about different cultures and races, those things can be replicated with makeup and costumes, or even by being assimilated into another family of a different background. Being a member of the opposite sex would allow me to feel what a man feels emotionally and therefore I could understand them more. I'd also like to feel just how sensitive their family jewels really are, cause they always talk about that.

3. You might not think this because I worked at Disney, but I'm totally a a road trip girl. I love to get in the car and just drive-sometimes without even knowing where I'm going. It's fun to explore and often times getting lost with a friend creates memories that will NOT slip listlessly away.



C-Unit said...

1. I would definitely choose the steam. That tongue thing really grosses me out!!
2.I would also choose to be a man for the exact reasons as you mags!
3. Although road trips can be fun, I dont like to drive much and I get car sick easily! And I loooove being on the ocean. Definitely a cruise girl.

One who listens said...

Oooh! It's Toosdae! Yay!

1. Yup. The steam is a definite goer there. I often see hot young women, and it's quite hard sometimes not to look. I have mastered a "stare into the middle distance whilst my attention is on someone off to the right" when seeing someone hot, especially when I'm out with my girly, so to have the tongue thing would cause embarassment, quite apart from not being able to go out in public with my girly without my tongue in a sling (cos she's gorgeous).

2. I'd be a peregrine falcon. They are cool birdies, and they can hover. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I'd love to fly...

Maybe I should have been an owl, but they sleep during the day so that's a waste of my day.

3. I'm much more of a stay at home person, but I like the idea of a cruise, mostly because you're guaranteed a place to stay every night whilst still seeing new places every day.

Oh, and I don't get angry often. The last serious time was two and a half years ago, and the time before that fifteen years gone. So not much steam round here. :)


Mags said...

C-I think you get mad a lot and so I'd stay near you so I could hydrate my face with your steam. You'd be good to be around in the winter b/c the air is dry. 8-)

Owl: It's good to know you have mastered the sideways "I'm looking at a hot girl but not looking at a hot girl" look. But the good news is that you followed it up with a nice comment about your girly and so you are redeemed.


GMadrid said...

1. Tongue. No doubt.
2. Race. Then I could better understand racism.
3. Road Trip. I love the drive.

Wingnut said...

1. Um...the tongue!

2. An animal. I would like to be a cat so I could find a sunny spot and sleep all day or a cheetah so I could run really fast.

3. Road Trip

Mags said...

Gmadrid: No doubt about the tongue huh? That's surprising to me. Thanks for answering questions today! 8-)

Wingnut: Now I know why you chose your pseudonym...

Hepcat said...

Darn it Mags! Why did you have to bat the eye lashes and flash a smile?? Surely there is some rule against using such tactics against us men-folk. Men do not have the capability of saying to no to smiles and batted eyelashes :-P

Oh well, on to the answering of some very important questions:
1.) While the tongue thing would certainly be an interesting way to circumvent the whole flirting thing, I think it would get old quickly, and thus the steam out of the ears would be much better, not to mention I think I would just have to laugh at myself knowing steam was coming out of my ears which would likely make me forget whatever I was angry about in the first place.

2.) I think I could find a different animal I would love to be for every day of the year: a dog to understand their loyalty and what they think about humans, a shark just cause they are cool, a peregrine falcon (Have to agree OWL they are cool and beautiful), and a Manatee just to name a few, but really I think it would be more useful to see the world through a woman's eyes for a day. Then I could really begin to understand the way they organize thoughts, logic, and finally understand what's with the buying clothes!?!?!?!
3.) This is the easiest, ROAD TRIP, or even better... Backpacking Trip. I am definately of the philosophy that home is wherever my backpack is on a given night. I love my family which are generally the stay at home type, but I love seeing the world and learning about the way other people live, love, and laugh. I think that is what happens when you go away to school and fall in love with the lifestyle (meeting people from all over, walking everywhere, expanding horizons) I think in the past 5 years I have called approximately 11 places home, and I look forward to their being more!

WOW I rambled a lot this time :) What was I saying earlier about over analyzing?? LOL

Mags said...

Hepcat: ;-) Now I winked at you too.

Awesome answers-I love it when people ramble!!!

d said...

Intersting q's. I'll give it a go:

1. Steam. People would know to avoid me then when steaming!

2. Woman. For same reasons.

3. Road trip with nowhere in mind--just driving for the fun of it to interesting places, but would rather do it in Europe where i could cross a bunch of countries and experience different cultures in a relatively short period.


One who listens said...

Mags: (Bats her eyelashes and flashes a smile...)

How could we resist? ;)

Funnily enough, it never works when us men do it. It just isn't effective.

I got some seriously funny looks from my girly, and she forbade me from doing it again.


kristarella said...

1. Steam - my hubby would know that either someone or himself has done something to upset me; it might give some warning cos often my anger quickly turns to sadness and tears.

2. I'd like to be someone from a different culture for a day because I'm really quite uncomfortable when I step out of my white Australian comfort zone. I might like to be African because those women seems really strong of character and I'd like to learn to barter at the market place!

3. Due to my no.2 answer I'm a resort/cruise person but if I managed to kcick my confort zone, maybe I'd be road trip/backpacking person.