Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Hello there everyone. I hope you are all having a fantastic Toosdae! It's time to muster up all you've got in order to answer these questions. Can't wait to smile when I read your answers!!

1. Would you rather have to turn around 3 times before you sit down anywhere (like a dog) or have to do a little jig before going through a doorway?

2. What's the most obsessive compulsive thing you do in a normal day?

3. If you could chose to live in any TV sitcom house, what house would you pick?

1. Do a little jig. Jiggery is fun and amusing and I suspect it would make people giggle whenever I did it (which is a major bonus). Turning around in circles prior to sitting would not only be weird, but also would freak people out..."Does she have to pee...is she going crazy? I don't understand!" definitely the jig. (And I'm picturing YOU do it Pedro. Funny stuff!)

2. I have a small problem with like chapstick and hand lotion. I have to apply chapstick all of the time and if I run out I start to panic a little bit. And every time my hands get wet, I apply lotion right afterwards. Even as I am typing this and thinking about it, my lips feel dry and my hands are tingling.

3. The Growing Pains house. I liked the way there was a little sunroom off of the kitchen, an open living room with a stairway to the upstairs and the fact that it had a home office was pretty cool. I also liked the porch. My second choice would be Who's the Boss because I really liked the stone they had in the house.


d said...

Ha! That's funny--the part about running in circles!


(now, let's see if this post goes through... using a differnt browser...)

C-Unit said...

Definitely the jig. I would probably get dizzy trying to spin around all the time!
Im going to have to say yes to the lotion and chap stick too. I carry them everywhere I go and use them at least every 20 min. Genetic?
Last question: Ill have to get back to you. Too early to think 8-)

Mags said...

Duncan-looks like it worked! Welcome!!

C-Unit: I think watching you do the jig would be wicked funny too. In fact, please start doing it, just to make me laugh.

megan said...

1. I'll do a jig. I get dizzy very easily so if I had to spin around every time I sat down I would probably throw up by 10:00 am.

2. I do laundry, everyday, first thing, without fail. If for some reason I can't start a load of clothes I feel all anxious and nervous. My family could literally survive with only 2 outfits each, one to have on their bodies and one in the laundry. By the time they get undressed for the evening the outfit from yesterday is washed, dried, folded, and back in their drawers.

3. Oh man, I dont watch enough TV to be a good judge of houses, but I think I would probably be thrilled to live in any of the houses on MTV Real World. Those places are awesome (from what I've seen).

Mags said...

Megan: If you ever find that you've run out of laundry to do, I'll be happy to bring some over-being the good friend that I am, I wouldn't want you to be anxious for even a minute.

I'm here for ya babe!

One who listens said...

Well, it's Wednesday now, but I'll answer anyway, because I did actually read them on Toosdae, but couldn't respond because my phone crashed.

Yes, I read your blog on my mobile phone.

1. I'd do little jigs as I go through doorways. No-one would notice, because I'm such a happy chap, it would be perfectly natural for me to do a little happy hop.

2. I lock the front door and walk towards my car, and then I go back and check it's really locked. Then I get into the car, get out and check that yes, I really truly did lock the door. Sometimes I get half way down the road and have to turn back to check that I really truly, honestly locked the front door. It drives my girly crazy. She has to watch me lock it so that she can say that she did.

It's only been unlocked once, btw.

3. Hmmmm.. Sitcoms. I think it'd have to be Roseanne's house, because it's big enough for three kids, and it has a basement. Plus, I can't think of any other sitcoms with houses rather than apartments.

Owl. :)

Word Verification: buhrr (it's cold)

Mags said...

Owl: THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING!! I was sad that my biggest fan of Toosdae's wasn't in the comments. But now you made my Wednesday even brighter!