Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Toosdae ?'s

Welcome back to those of you who were on a little holiday vaca! Why not start the year off right and answer the questions below.

1. Would you rather have a head significantly smaller than your body should have or significantly larger than your body should have?

2. You are given the chance to open 1 of 3 envelopes. The 1st, labeled "WHEN," will reveal the exact date and time of your death; the second, labeled "HOW," will reveal the method of your demise, and the third, marked "VALUE," would reveal how much or how little you will be remembered after you're gone. If you had to select and read the contents of 1 of the envelopes, which would you choose and why?

3. What is one aspect of being a child that you miss the most?

1. Having a smaller head would make my body look huge, and I don't think I want to add any more bad optical illusions in that regard-though having a huge head would get annoying-especially on an airplane...and in bed...and talk about how much more shampoo you'd need. Go big or go home. (Course, I'd hope my neck would hold it up!!)

2. I would choose the envelope labeled "Value" because if the contents indicated that I would not be remembered or missed, I would know that I was not currently living my life the way I should be. No matter "When" or "How" I died, I would start making immediate changes to live my life better now and would devote the rest of my time strengthening my relationships.

3. I miss the "everything will be ok" feeling that went along with being a child. Knowing my family was there to help keep me safe was always a nice feeling, and being a grown up sometimes makes that feeling go away. And also, I miss having my hair brushed after a bath and footie pajamas. 8-)


One who listens said...

Yay, more questions!

And I was only sort of on holiday, not really. I was "taking a break" from the computer to spend more time with my girly.

1. The smaller your head, the taller the rest of your body appears, giving you a superhero-like look (Christopher Reeve stood six heads high), and the bigger your head, the smaller your body appears, giving you a more comic-book cutesy look. I think I'll go with the superhero look if that's ok with everyone. Then I can tell people I'm a giant, but I'm small for my size.

2. Gotta be value. The others would affect me too much, and I'd worry about it, but value is fine. When I die, I will be remembered for a bit by my family and friends, and I'll probably arrange to have stuff happen after I die (like flowers on my girly's birthday the year after I die), so I'll be remembered longer, but I know that in a hundred years I won't even be a footnote in history, and I'm fine with that.

3. Oooh tricky! Because I am quite child-like, I still play with most of the stuff I did when I was a child, so I don't miss much. And I never worry about anything, so not that. I think I'll go with either not having a mortgage, or rusks. Tough call though.


Mags said...

Pray tell Mr. Owl: What are rusks?

megan said...

1. I think I'd go with the big head. Hey, it works for babies. Their heads are much bigger in proportion than an adults head and everyone thinks babies are adorable.

2. I'd definitely take the "When" envelope. I'm a planner, I would need to know. I'm not all that concerned with "how" and I'd be too afraid to see the "value" envelope. I'd wanna know when, then I'd live the rest of my life accordingly.

3. I think I miss feeling carefree. No concern about money, health, world peace; no guilt and no body image hangups. All you had to do was get up, get dressed, have a bite to eat, then play play play.

Mags said...

Megan: I knew you'd pick the "When" envelope! And I know what you mean about the carefree thing...and the having a bite to eat...there were lots and lots of grilled cheeses and pbj's. Yummy

One who listens said...

Rusks are a type of baby food that I used to love. They're really tough biscuits that you have to suck because you don't have any teeth.

They were great. I miss them fondly.


wingnut said...

Where's the thing about secret postcards. I SWEAR you didn't tell me about this. And I need to know more.

Mags said...

Owl: Rusks-I remember something like them too. You can still have 'em-but now you can crunch them!!

Wingnut: It's call PostSecret and it's linked on the left of the blog. AND ALSO-YOU KNOW TOO MUCH ALREADY YOU LEAKY GIRL!