Friday, January 06, 2006

There's Gold In Them Thar Veggies!

It's no wonder American's are fat. It's cheaper.

Although I did not make any resolutions, I have decided to try to take care of myself. And by this, I do not mean go on a diet. They never work. Ok, the Atkins Diet DID work but it was a pain in the ass and it gives you bad breath all of the time. (You know how much smells affect me-knowing I was the smelly one was horrifying) What it means is that I'm going to start eating.


Yup. That's what I said. Since I've lived alone I rarely cook for myself. It's not uncommon for me to have a bagel for dinner. I've also been knowing to just have some olives. My mother would cry right now if she were to read this. Yes, just olives.

And what it ultimately comes down to is that I do not think I'm worth cooking for. I mean, why cook a meal if it's only me? Obviously the answer is: "Because I'm worth it." And also, it doesn't make sense that I am eating olives for dinner.

So, the point here is that I went shopping tonight and bought a weeks worth of healthy food. It came to $78. Nothing I bought was very extravagant and I didn't buy anything I would call a splurge (except for my humus, but that's a healthy snack too) My list included:

Chicken Breasts
Swordfish steak (That was the cheapest thing I bought!)
Tons of veggies (This is where they getcha)
2 kinds of lowfat cheese
Olives (Just in case I can't kick the habit)
Egg whites
Diet Coke (With Lime)

All I'm saying is that this food better taste fantastic. $78?! What if I had a family to feed?

I could have bought like, a year's worth of Raman Noodles and still had money left over. I could have gotten Mac n Cheese and hot dogs and had money left for chips and soda and canned raviolli. Heck-I could have not bought groceries at all and just eaten at McDonalds all week for $40.

It's expensive to eat healthy. It's a shame, really.


One who listens said...

With two voracious kiddies, and two adults, our weekly shop comes to about £100, which comes to about $176, and we eat quite healthily.

Of course, our portions are always too big, and I always end up cleaning rice or pasta off my plate into the bin. :(

In addition, we buy a lot of alcohol, and that pushes the bill up somewhat.

I asked my girly (who buys the groceries) and she said that all food is expensive, not just vegetables.


Mags said...

Well, I didn't buy ANY alcohol!!! Maybe I should have to cope with the bill!!!

Hamel said...

Mags, I couldn't agree more. I drink soda quite a bit, but 99 cents for a two liter bottle or almost three dollars for a bottle of juice, I simply can't afford to spend 30 or dollars a week on juice alone. So it's a glass of OJ a day, and then water or soda the rest.

GMadrid said...

I actually think that isn't too bad for a week of food. It is $10 a day. Or about my daily salary. :)

Mags said...

Hamel: You should drink water. I am actually shocked that you drink soda that much. I don't know why. I just wouldn't have pegged you for a soda guy....interesting.

Greg: I knew you'd be the one to average it. I just knew it. It actually is a lot of money considering there is nothing fun-it's all regular food. In any case, the point was that if I was buying crappy food it would only have been $40.

Oh well. I'm off to eat some of my golden veggies now....

Hamel said...

I never drank soda before I met my wife. Never. Always drank Yoo-hoo and fruit juice. Soda and chocolate are my vices, though. I should stop, I know. Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are in my blood, though.

DinaLove said...

Yes, it can be pricey, but, oh, the benefits of eating healthfully and cooking for yourself. I encourage you to keep doing it...and pour yourself that Diet Coke in a beautiful stemmed wine glass for an extra treat!

DinaLove said...

...oh, and go watch Supersize Me (or read Fast Food Nation). That'll get you off McDonald's for good.

Mags said...

Yeah, I know it's better-and I don't really like McDonalds-it was just an example. It's just sad that food that's better for you is so much more expensive. It should be the other way around.

grayforester said...

The main way I want big brother to get in here and start improving things for society is to price fix food in just that way - make eating healthful food cheaper than eating crap. I include myself among those whose health suffers because I can't afford good food. We live on noodles and lunch meat from the grocery outlet and we're getting fatter and more tired every year. Because we hardly make any money, we'll be a burden to society as soon as one of us has that stroke or heart attack we can't pay to treat. It's as short-sighted as, oh, building our infrastructure around vehicles running on gasoline.

Mags said...

Gray: Well said.

Anonymous said...

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