Saturday, January 28, 2006

Scenes From A Lunch Table

I went to the mall yesterday for lunch. It has been a long, long time since I've been shopping on a week day in the middle of the day. Here are some observations:

Hot guys go to the mall for lunch. They are not necessarily the kind of guys you can have an intelligent conversation with, but, hot damn, they are nice to look at.

A lot more people than you would think actually BRING their lunch to the mall and eat it in the food court.

Watching a grandfather pretend to gobble up his grandautghter's fries (and making her laugh uncontrollably) is so precious it made me want to hug him.

Did I mention the hot guys?

Some people have no idea what is appropriate to do in public and what will make someone run away screaming. I witnessed one woman flossing her teeth in the middle of the food court. And let me just say-it was very "Dumb & Dumber". Ew.

The people who work at the food places are actually much nicer during the day than at night.

It makes me wonder what the school age kids are doing in the mall when they should be at school. These are the types of curfews we should be imposing, NOT the kind that doesn't all them to be in the mall after school w/o supervision.

It is apparently all the rage for stay at home mom's to: A. Only style the front of their hair, leaving the back flat and horrible to look at. B. To wear "Juicy" across their asses. Maybe they're hoping we'll look at their ass instead of their hair.

It's true that people can sense when you are staring. Sometimes, it's funny to keep doing it. Other times, you are embarrassed.


C-Unit said...

Was it funny or embarrassing when the hot guy caught you staring?

Mags said...

It wasn't a hot guy who caught me. It was a "Juicy" mom, and it was only embarassing for her.


C-Unit said...

I dont know...somethin about you and juicy asses!

kristarella said...

You make me laugh Mags!

Thank goodness the word verification is easy today! "lipzo" twice I've been denied commenting privelages (for a second) because supposedly I typed the word wrong.

Mags said...

Listen C-Unit-it's not my fault they just appear. Geez. ;)

Kristarella, I'm glad to hear I make you laugh!!!!

aka_monty said...

Please tell me that grown women are not truly wearing Juicy couture.
I'm begging you.

Seriously, hot guys at the mall? I've got to start doing more shopping.

Mags said...

Oh yeah Monty-they do.

And they do NOT have juicy asses.

It's pretty gross.

And also-not only are these guys hot-they were all together-like some hot guy luncheon! Very nice.