Sunday, January 08, 2006

Paper Hell

It's extremely hard to stay organized when I get this:

in the mail every weekend. WTF? Do you know that almost NONE of that mail is legit? It's all credit card applications, mortgage offers and basically just CRAP. AND some of it is for my ex-husband-who NEVER lived in the house-never had his name anywhere-AND I haven't had his last name in over 2 years.

I hate paperwork. I hate paying bills and I hate filing. Luckily, I can just throw all of that in the garbage and it'll be out of my hair. Yuck.


d said...

Me too. Well, this might make you feel better: I just got through doing my paperwork, entering payments in my ledger and paying bills, with use of the internet, and it still took my from 8:30 sunday morn to 5:30 that night! .And that was only for 3 weeks worth of stuff, but it was over the Xmas hols. I need a book on how better to do this sort of thing.


Mags said...


It's called: Hire someone to do it. 8-)

I WISH!!!!! I do feel a little better though-knowing it didn't take me as long as it did you.


One who listens said...

My girly gets annoyed at me, because I walk past the post and only pick up one or two of the top ones.

This is because I get distracted, but knowing the reason doesn't stop it happening. :)