Monday, January 02, 2006

Paint Ball

If only I had as much vision as this couple does...

28 years people?! First of all, how does one decide they are going to start painting a baseball? Second, how does one decide they are going to keep painting it until it weighs a billion pounds?!

Crazy. I would have chosen purple.

The wife doesn't look too happy though. What do you bet she's thinking to herself, "It's bad enough my husband had to paint a baseball...NOW the fucking reporters are here and I have to take a picture with this freakish thing. Bastard."

Ok, maybe not that exactly, but if it were me, I'd be pissed. That's why they have garages.


One who listens said...

Oh, I know! I shall paint a baseball.

Wait, isn't that a teensy thing? I think I'll paint a basketball instead. That'd take a lot less time.


Mags said...

Well that'll be cheating. Although I'm sure your paint ball would rock theirs!