Monday, January 23, 2006

Letters From A Cardboard Box

I'd like to start this post with a disclaimer.

*I am not a bitch. It's just that my biggest pet peeve are people who are inconsiderate of others.

Excuse me, Monkey Lady, but do you really think that I believe it when you say that you "Didn't know" I was in the middle of a conversation?

Because I'm pretty sure everyone in the office could hear it, so I'm wondering why on earth you couldn't whilst standing 2 feet from my desk.** If you have a hearing problem, I would be happy to help you get help.***

And when I confront you about interrupting a very obvious conversation, please refrain from lying**** to me by saying that you, in fact, did not realize I was in the middle of a conversation. Because, again, everyone else could hear it-we work in a cardboard box sized office.

I understand though, to my chagrin, that confronting you on this issue is in vain, as you will be back to your old, selfish ways in the immediate future. Therefore, my only hope is that you come down with laryngitis and can not talk for a week.*****

**It's because you are rude and you talk over people, not because you couldn't hear the conversation.
***The only problem you have is that you are rude and you think you are more important than the rest of the world.
****Because this adds to your inner ugliness.
*****This is where the "I'm really not a bitch I just play one on this Blog" disclaimer comes in, as I really don't wish her to be sick...ok, maybe a little I do.

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kristarella said...

Yes, that does seem like a rude lady. Not so much in her defense as in mine (although I wasn't on trial - YET); I have been known to but in, the reason is that I try to get someones attention as soon as I know I want to say something to them but before I know exactly which words are going to come out of my mouth. So if I'm on some kind of church camp and have something to ask the youth minister I'll call out "Hey Thorby!" Then I'll look up and say a little quieter "sorry, when you're free".

My husband gets annoyed at me all the time because I get his attention but then talk really slowly because I haven't thought out what I'm going to say properly. It's a flaw, I'm working on it.