Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's Over!

Ho, hum...the weekend is over....

One of the most fantastic feelings is being told that someone missed you.

I'd remember the last name, "Zinglinger". If I say that I did not play softball with someone named, "Zinglinger" please believe me. And also-please don't say, "Yes you know, Zinglinger" because saying the wrong last name over and over, contrary to popular belief, will NOT help me remember who you are really talking about.

All jokes aside, little girls have the cutest little butts in the world. C-Unit and Flipper-hold your comments.

I do not watch Desperate Housewives. No. I don't. I still do not. Nope. I know, you think I do. But I do not.

$50 can go a long way at the Christmas Tree Shops. Yes, I DO just love a bargain.

Painting is a pain in the ass. But the results are very gratifying.

Waiting stinks.

Mothers never seem to let you truly grow up. This was fully realized when, within 10 minutes, I was told: (1) That I should not leave my gloves in the car because my hands will be cold, (2) That I should really send a sympathy card and (3) That I should wipe my feet on the mat OUTSIDE the house.

Quirky families are fun. Unless you feel a head cold coming. Then you just want to stab them. (Don't get offended-there was a big knife next to me the whole time and did I go for it? No.)

Naps are wonderful. The are (1) better when taken with someone else though and (2) not wonderful when you wake up thinking a stranger is in your house.

People look at you funny when you metion you want to cut the legs off of a table. I don't know why though-it would look much better. (Anyone got a saw?)

It makes me proud when I notice and appreciate my creativity.

It's official, my town is the worst at plowing.

It's official, I still hate hearing New Englanders complain about snow. Perhaps someone forgot to tell them-that's what it does here. Embrace it. Become one with the precipitation. Own it. Work it. PLAY IN IT!

I remember, and it makes me smile.


Hamel said...

It is great to be missed, but so much better when they are kind and courteous and caring enough to tell you as much. If only more people were so open and kind.

Mags said...

Hamel, you are so true. It's too bad that people can't tell others how they feel-because when they do, it spreads so much joy. Especially when it's truly appreciated.