Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Fingers tapping, gum snapping, my days drag their feet. It’s time like these that I long for youth-for less responsibility and the ability to “go left” whenever I feel restless.

“Where should we go?” we asked a random boy in the shuttle van.

“New York” he replied.

Eyebrows raised, glances exchanged, a decision still left unmade.

“We’ve already been there. We slept in our car in a hospital parking lot.”

Gasps seep out from the prude in the corner.

More smiles from us, 2 crazy and free girls, whose mothers know nothing of our gallivanting.

“Canada” said the driver. He knew us from a party last week, and also from Psychology class.

Sideways smiles, sly and clear; a definitive yes.

With nothing but the clothes on our backs and our thirst for adventure, we went left, flying high into a memory that would last 2 lifetimes.

Those days seem so far away from where I sit today; a homeowner, a boss, an aunt…a planning fool without the time to explore. Oh, I have days where I could go, but then I remember a bill I have to pay, or laundry that has to be done...

And so the wind finds other people to glide over and my would be adventures hibernate once more.


C-Unit said...

I sure wish I could do that. Never have, probably never will. 8(
Im too much of a planner.

Mags said...

Well, maybe I'll kidnap you one day and we'll do it.