Thursday, January 26, 2006

House Broken: Part 13

(It's been a while: read part 12 here)

She didn’t know why-but she loved him. Everything about him told her to run, except for her heart, which pleaded with her to hold firm and enjoy the ride.

He liked to flirt; it was in his nature. Though it was common knowledge that most girls thought he was goofy, there were some, she was sure, that saw it as charming. After all, didn’t she?

He always had to be right. And when he was not, he would pout, making it difficult to move on until you let him have his way. A lot of her older friends told her to watch out for it, because eventually, they said, it would get old.

But most of all, he needed to be the center of attention, at every moment, of everyday; it was always about him.

And yet none of those flaws existed when she saw the look in his eyes whenever they gazed into hers.

His eyes, clear gray-blue, were always smiling when they were together. They told her without words that she completed him; that she was the one he had been waiting for his entire life.

They told her long, beautiful stories about his sadness and of the pieces of his heart he hoped that she could mend. They implored her to return and willed her to never give up on him, even though he knew that she should.

And her heart returned the call.


GMadrid said...

Excellent writing. The heartfelt story continues.

Mags said...

Thanks Greg! And might I add that your comment was most excellent too.