Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dumb Ass In The Ghetto

So, I had another post for today already written and ready to go. But then I did something really stupid, and in the name of you laughing at me I'll post that instead.

This morning I went to the Chiropractor again. This time it hurt a little bit, but it put my sublexation back in place and it really did the trick. I can now turn my head without any pulling in my shoulder blade. I'm a little sore, but it'll go away soon. One more follow up should do it, unless I continue to be stressed out at work.

In any case, I got up, threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt, put my hair in a ponytail and went on my way...or tried. I couldn't for the life of me find my keys. I never lose my keys. Never.

That's weird. Where could they be? My house is only 900 square feet. They can't be where.

I did find them though:

Yup. That is my front door. And those are my keys. And that is where they slept. All night. Nice, huh? Luckily my car was still outside when I looked. That could have been bad. Very bad.

The way my door is positioned to the road is such that no one could really see the keys-except for Scary Boo. And he wouldn't chance having to actually talk to someone, of that I'm sure.

So, my peeps-you're I'm lucky I'm still alive.

Go ahead. You can laugh at me.

Oh. And I don't really live in the ghetto.


C-Unit said...

Hahaha!! Dumb ass in the ghetto!! I love it.

Mags said...


I knew you would!

Hawaiianmark said...

I leave our front door open all the time.

I get scoldings from the Lady of the house ALL THE TIME!

Glad you are safe.

My alzheimers kicks in at bad moments as well, I spent 31/2 hours looking for my own keys one day, ranting, raving, lunaticing out. I searched EVERYWHERE and again.

I ended up using a spare set for a week, complaining about how SOMEONE had taken my keys and now wasnt owning up to it.

Took a shower before work on day 7, and hit the shower wall on the way out.

The keys fell from the top of the wall.

Onto my naked head!

Shame on me.


GMadrid said...

Hee Hee

DinaLove said...

Mags, Marc & I have done that twice now in the past 2 years and you KNOW where we live: not someplace you want to be leaving your keys dangling out of your door!

But, seriously, after you shake your head in disbelief and kind of giggle, didn't you find yourself being a little freaked out? I know I did, but, again, maybe because there are a bunch of wackos outside my door every night.

Anonymous said...

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