Monday, January 23, 2006

Click Click Click Click Click

Last night my sister and I went to see The Click 5 in New Haven. As always with my sisters and I, a little hilarity surrounded us the whole night. I understand that these things mean little to you, dear reader, but for me, they are funny and so I blog on...

C-Unit: "This guy is freaking me out. He keeps edging closer and closer to us."
Mags: "He's harmless-he's just a loser who's here by himself and is looking for people his age to hang with."
CU: "No, he's really freaking me out."
Mags: "C-he's fiiiine...he's just lonely."
CU: "Can I switch spots with you then?"
Mags: "No."

And then at the upstairs bar...
Mags: "OMG-for REAL this time!"

I wasn't aware the "Fro-Hawk" was a popular do these days. Apparently so.

Bass player Ethan from The Click 5-HOT. If he were a little older and I a little thinner, I suspect we'd have a good time together.

Yip Yip Yip Yip-EYE EYE EYE EYE-Heeee Hawwww.
If my Mother even suggested she use this to find me in a large crowd I'd rip her uterus out-let alone if she ACTUALLY DID IT. (Freak)

Going to an all ages show has it's benefits. For me, it was mainly that I had a clear view of the stage because everyone else was shorter. (Except for "Fro-Hawk" boy who's hair, as you may have guessed, was large.

I do not like the way some people say the word "Moon." I did not realize that the pronunciation was up for debate, however "Mune" (as said like Tune) is apparently another version. Hear this-if you said "Moon" in this fashion, stop it right now.

I like it when ugly people think they are sexy. It's very funny.

Getting to hear my 2 favorite Click 5 songs played live rocked. "Friday Night" and "I'll Take My Chances". They also played 2 new songs that aren't released, and I can say that both are stupendous. (Yes, stupendous)

Live music is best when the musicians are visibly enjoying themselves.

Eric Dill (who is surprisingly cool) must have an automatic pick dispenser in his jacket with the amount of guitar picks he threw out at the audience. Either that or he mastered the "what's this I see behind your ear" trick and modified it to his liking.

Little girls scream. Loud.

Sometimes you feel old just because of your words. Last night mine were, "Thank you very much." after I had a CD signed by one of the opening bands. Sad, but true.

Hearing your younger sister say, "Do you feel special because he carded you?" also makes you feel old. (Thanks Biotch)

There are signs everywhere. C-Unit just can't find them. 8-)

Crazy curly haired guy with the glasses makes cool noises on the mic.

When a boy says, "How's it goin" you should probably respond. Otherwise he'll walk away forlorn and maybe even cry.

Live music: awesome.


Hamel said...

One of the biggest disappointments with living where I do is the lack of live music.

My sons and love the pop/rock Click 5. Haven't picked up the CD yet, but they are darn good. If you like them, Mags, I suggest listenting to Marvelous 3 or 40 Ft. Ringo. A bit more rock than pop, but in the same ballpark and catchy as all heck.

Mags said...

Thanks Hamel! I'll check 'em out tonight when I get home.

Unless I fall asleep before then...sleepy day today!

C-Unit said...

Yip Yip Yip Yip-EYE EYE EYE EYE-Heeee Hawwww is actually how I work Rye Bread up this AM. I thought of you.
and you forgot to mention that the bass player from Big City Rock is also HOT.

Mags said...

No. He wasn't hot. He was cute, but not hot.

I also forgot to post a phone number for you! LOL!!

(Did Rye Bread cry?)

C-Unit said...

Im lost...what do u mean a phone #?

Mags said...

You know, cause you said you felt weird going home w/o one!

C-Unit said...

LOL oh yeah. Well thanks for the thought anyway~