Friday, January 27, 2006

Brandy New

I hate it when people say something is "Better than new". What does that mean? Better than new...

In my opinion, there are few things that can be considered better when they are old-for all the rest, give me new. The exceptions are: Love, friendship, and jeans. And also lasagne.

Though new love is exciting and exhilarating, old love is comforting-it's warm and gentle and reliable. It's walking around in comfy socks and pj's with messy hair and sweatshirts, reading in each others arms, or in separate rooms-but always in each other's hearts. It's knowing what the other person is feeling just by seeing a certain look and it's knowing when to give space, and when to hold on tight.

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold. New friends bring joy in their differences, and the excitement of discovery. Old friends bring joy in their differences, and the excitement of knowing their quirks-anticipating side splitting laughter or all knowing hugs. They are the threads that keep your life together.

Your favorite pair of jeans-the ones that you don't have to lay down to button, the ones you always get complimented on. They can be dressed up or down, based soley on cute shoes and a little lip gloss or sneaks and a hoodie. They are worn in the best places, and support you in others, and they only got to be that way because they are well used, and loved.

Lasagna. It's the breakfast of Italian-American champs everywhere. Or at least the Northeast. (Right?) It's good cold. It's good re-heated. It's gets mushy and flavors begin to meld. It feeds college kids easily for a week. It's good eaten right out of the dish. The day before? It was too hot, too runny and hard to get out in one piece. This is why it is better when it's less than new.

Clearly, there are a few things that are better when they are older. Otherwise, for the most part, my opinion is that not much can be "Better than new".


Ruben said...

Very good post!

One who listens said...

I always think it means something like "They don't make them like this any more..."

But I could be wrong.

Who said it, anyway?

And lasagne always gives me very vivid dreams. I was trying to fix a computer all last night, and felt like I hadn't rested at all when I awoke.


Mags said...

Yay! Ruben's here!!! Thank you Ruben!!

Owl: I heard it on a commercial and it started me thinking...You had lasagne for dinner last night? Weird.

DinaLove said...

You just made me so hungry for a slice of lasagna.

Anonymous said...

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