Monday, January 09, 2006

Aroma Therapy

Ok. I admit it. I'm a smell freak. I'm a little on the abnormal side when it comes to how things smell. I've been knowing to lean in and sniff a stranger and exclaim, " smell fantastic!" Yeah. It's true. Believe it or not, it usually makes them laugh and they walk away with a giant smile.

Who cares if they're laughing AT me...I got 'em to smile AND I got a whiff of their fabulous smell. Double bonus for Mags.

And just the fact that this is like, the 50th post I've written on smells should tell ya something. Yeah. I've got a problem.

I love the clean, crisp smell of sheets-the kind that smell faintly of bleach and detergent with a hint of wood from the dresser it's been stored in. That smell takes my right back to sleeping at my Nana's house when I was little. It conjures up memories of tasty pies, brownies and Sunday crumb buns from the bakery.

The smell of honeysuckle growing nearby reminds me of the summer evenings when my high school love and I would walk the track for hours, talking about how we could convince my parents to let me go to the same school as him so we could finally be together all of the time. I can hear the crickets softly chirping in the background and the soft crushing sound our sneakers made on the gravel...our footsteps, and heartbeats, in unison.

When I smell the smoke of a wood burning stove, I am instantly taken back to the hours upon hours spent playing in my cousins basement, making up dances to songs we'd sing ourselves-convinced that we'd one day be discovered and quickly become our small town's local hero's. Though our songs have stopped and we no longer dance together, the stove still burns. I wonder if she remembers like I do.

I love the smell of Sharpie Markers. I smell them. Every time I open one. And I use them everyday at work. Everyday. They remind me of my first art class in college and too much time spent with the door closed in my dorm room while my roommate and I burned through 2 or 3 boxes at a time doing our projects. It makes me giggle when I think about how silly we acted at dinner one night...she went in her slippers-accidentally.

Unlike the majority of people, I like the smell of skunks. It reminds me of the time my Papa and I were watching an electrical storm from his kitchen, looking through the sliding glass doors and marveling at how pretty the lightening was. It wasn't scary because he was with me, and I got to really see a storm as beauty. Looking for the skunk reference? One ran across the yard and Papa went out to see if it made it. It did, but left its pungent smell behind. Papa laughed his crazy laugh and came back inside.

As I am sure you have guessed, I could go on and on for quite some time about what smells I love and what they remind me of. I could also elaborate on which smells I detest and why. Just as music fills your ears and heart with joy, so can a smell; just as words touch you deeply, a smell can also affect you and move you to tears.

So go ahead...sniff a stranger. It might make 'em smile! (Course, you might also get punched...)


C-Unit said...

The smell of honeysuckle reminds me of going to your high school softball games. I used to go in the woods and jump in rivers...Someone may have mistook me for crazy river girl!
I also like the smell of sheets only I like the ones that have been in the attic. Sometimes I pull a pair out and sleep with them just to smell it. They remind me of playing dress up in the attic with Jess when we were little. And I have also been called strange for liking the smell of scotch tape! 8-)

Mags said...




d said...

I like the smell of cellotape too! And honeysuckle reminds me of my childhood and teen years in London--we had a bush growing up the front wall, overlapping the froont door. It was glorious and the fragrance a nice break from the smell of diesal trucks and rotten rubbish from the local market talls down the road.

I also love the smell of dirt, and i think everyone loves the smell after a fresh rainfall, and wet pavements too.

But my favourite has got to be the smell of fresh baked bread. Throw in cofee with that and I'm set for the day.

Mags said...

Duncan: I love the smell of wet pavement too. Weird.

And also the smell of petroleum. It smells like Peanut Brittle.

C-Unit-I know you are happy that I think that-but also that Duncan likes the smell of tape!!!

One who listens said...

I still think that people as a whole don't appreciate smells enough.

I love smells.

Except stale cigarette smoke. That's nasty.


d said...

Well, you know what, i love the smell of petrol too!! I always get a few good whiffs when filling up!


Mags said...


It's meant to be. (Said like the brother in Everyone Loves Raymond)

I'm glad you keep coming back!!