Saturday, January 28, 2006

20 Year Challenge

I think every generation has a "Where were you when..." moment in time.

Of course these days, it's 9/11.

But also for people my age, the Challenger Explosion brings back very vivid memories.

For me, I remember mostly confusion-about how it happened and who could it happen to next. I also remember feeling extremely sad for the families of the people who died.

I was sitting in the gym on a chair because my knee hurt. Everyone else was on the floor. When we watched the playback on the TV, I remember getting out of the chair and joining my classmates-I wanted to be as close as I could be to the people I knew.

That was 20 years ago. It's amazing how time just slips away. Amazing and scary, really...


kristarella said...

It's funny how these disaster things make some people want to keep people close and some people get all angry and destructive at god and the government and whatever they can. It's kinda sad how humanity thrives and is most evident in the face of despair and agony.

Hamel said...

I was in college and heard it over the cafeteria loudspeaker. I told my friends what I heard, they didn't believe me. Until I put down my tray and walked out. They followed. We walked through the dorm and it was like a morgue, with every person who was home watching TV. Eerie

Anonymous said...

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