Saturday, December 03, 2005

Holiday HooHa

Happy Christmas everyone! Tonight's opening night! Judy has forgotten her lines (AAAHHH) and my eyeball is still ulcerish (OOOWWW) but it's officially the Christmas season and I couldn't be happier!!

Yesterday after work I went and got my Christmas Tree. I was helped by an overly friendly (quite hot) Home Depot boy. Today was the perfect day to put up a tree because:
1. It was VERY cold out. My nose and cheeks got red while picking out a tree. I even had my winter coat and gloves on. AND it snowed on the way home. *Sigh*
2. I was feeling down because of the whole eyeball thing. What better way to cheer myself up than a night with shiny balls and wine?
3. Tomorrow starts the Christmas play-now I am 100% in the spirit!

It's nothing spectacular and all the ornaments are store bought because of, well, you know...the flood. But, it's mine and it smells DIVINE!!!! (Don't you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how wonderful a fresh real tree makes your house smell? It's fantabulous!)

I also found this card that a friend of mine made for me last year from my puppy. I no longer own him, but look at how ugly he was! He's so ugly he's cute. Those wrinkles get me every time. No jokes please, yes, he's the one on the left.

Think of me tonight-I'll be performing 18 times (Yikes!) from 6pm-10pm! And also, check out this fun Snow Globe. Or should I be PC and say "Frozen precipitation enclosed in a spherical or bowl-like container"? (It's better with your sound on)

Friday, December 02, 2005

To The "Bloggers" Of The World

Dear lazy or uninspired Blogger:

I know what it's like to be busy-to be too busy to even think about doing stuff that is fun, or not essential to your life. I can relate to waking up and not stopping until you fall into bed 17 or 18 hours later. Really.

But, for God's sake, if you have a blog, please update it somewhat regularly.

I understand that sometimes you think you just don't have anything to say. (Which I find doubtful-because the very fact that you even have a blog means you either talk alot in real life and needed to reach more people or you don't talk a lot and needed somewhere to vent/spill.)
But to all of you who clog the internet with blogs that haven't been updated since 2004....please delete them. The fact that your outdated blog is still up is a sign of laziness-not a sign of an uninspired segment of your life. And really, I hate stumbling upon a fantastic blog only to see that the last post was in April of 2002. The only reason that should still be up is if you got mauled by an angry bear and no longer A: are living or B: have hands.

My blog? Inferior to most. But at least I keep it updated. And if there comes a time when I can not or do not want to update it reguarly, I will pull the plug and make the decision final.

I hate indecisiveness and lack of follow through/commitment.

Fashion Ugg

I don't get the concept of gauchos. They look like a skirt...but they're really pants...they're capri-length...but weird and baggy...they are so not flattering that I have to stop and stare whenever I see someone trying to wear them.

And I'm assuming that when gauchos are worn with Ugg boots, it's in the hopes that one nasty disgusting trend plus one hideous trend would equal a good look. (Gah! + Gah! = OoohAaah)

Um, I don't know how to break this to you...but it didn't work.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


So. For those of you who care and even those of you who don't...

My eye hurts.

Why you ask?

Because of a little thing called a Corneal Ulcer.

If you think it sounds gross, you should feel it. It's not pretty.

House Broken: Part 7

“So, have you figured it out yet? We’re in Sarasota. The beach!”

She laughed. “Yes, I figured it out. Is this the surprise? We’re going to the beach?”

“Yes, but not just any beach, this is the beach I grew up on. My parents own that condo up there and I’ve come here every year for as long as I can remember. I thought you’d like to see it. And, you haven’t seen water this blue, I am sure.”

“I’m honored to be here in your presence, on your beach, on this very day. Thank you.” She playfully said in an official sounding voice.

“Let’s go.” He said, and jumped out of the car.

They took off their shoes and ran to the sand. It was pure white, and softer than any sand her feet had ever touched. Being October, there was hardly anyone there, and it seemed as though they were the only two people in the entire world. The water was, in fact, the bluest she’d ever seen; a beautiful hue of turquoise mixed with navy and capped with marshmallow white waves. The day was warm, but windy and the sky was crystal clear.

“You picked a perfect day for this. Thank you.” She said, and kissed him on the cheek.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and they hugged for a moment before continuing along the sand.

Later, she would remember their time on the beach with fondness- remembering the pride she saw in his eyes when he shared a part of his life with her. She’d remember how they sat in the sand, not caring about getting dirty, searching the waves for clues to their future, following the seagulls to their unknown destinations and knowing the only certainty they had in their relationship was that she was leaving in just two more months.

“Thank you.” She whispered, as they watched the sun retire in its pink and orange splendor.

“Thank you.”

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of THOSE Days

I need a hug.

Capture Your Spark

Do you know what it means to touch someone’s life? Do you believe that it can be done in 30 minutes? What about 5 minutes or even 60 seconds?

I do. I believe that everyone has the ability to touch a life no matter who you are or what your social status. It does not matter what degree you hold, or how much money you make; it does not even matter if you have friends or if you are a loner.

What matters is that you are you.

Somebody, somewhere will be searching-sometimes unknowingly-for the one piece of “youness” that stands out from the rest. It may be the “sign” they’ve been waiting for or simply an affirmation that people are still inherently good. It may even be as insignificant as wearing your hair a certain way, or the color it reflects in their eyes.

But they will remember.

And you may never know.

And that is okay.

We all have the ability to change a life, to alter a path, or create a memory. In a moment of clarity, I realized that not everyone believes this. It came to me in a wrap-up session after my dress rehearsal on Monday. There are 2 directors: a ‘Head’ Director and an ‘Artistic’ Director.

The head director is spunky and theatrical and her ideas always make sense-they always make the scene ‘fit’ better than they did before. I enjoy her input and am grateful for the coaching she provides.

The artistic director is witty and funny and charming. He inspires me to live.

The difference between these two people is this: The HD believes people can change lives. The AD knows what it feels like to do so.

I am having trouble communicating to you the feeling we all get when we listen to the AD, but I can tell you that people forget to breath. And it is not because what he is saying is life altering or he's revealing the formula for a secret healing potion for cancer-it is simply because he has learned how to capture and contain the spark that occurs when you make magic for someone.

I’d forgotten that I know how to do that. It’s been a long, long time since I stocked a hotel room with baby food or sprinkled pixie dust from an elevator to a little girls villa. And I am grateful to the AD for reminding me that I do not have to be at Walt Disney World in order to capture my spark.

Thank you AD. The twinkle I saw in your eyes on Monday gave me goose bumps. I hope you caught that spark.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Pedro and I often chuckle when I look at my blog stats to see who's read my blog. And it's not because I use the term, "Stat Whore" (though I think that did make him laugh) but because of some of the "Visitor Paths" people take to get to this little old blog.

This post in particular is one that gets a lot of activity. It's the name, I'm sure. I see a lot of Google searches for "Hairy Carey" and also for "Plucking".

This post also gets a lot of traffic. Some are searching for "Tourettes" but scary enough, alot of people search for "Hairy Nipples". Too many, in fact. But hey, if it gets 'em here, WHATEVER!

Other things that have gotten people here: Teen Flirting and Picking Your Nose.

Lovely. Rack 'em in boyz...rack 'em in...

Lunchical Lyrics

Have you ever had a stye
in the green of your eye?
I have, I do,
and it feels like poo.
Have you ever seen a guy
drive with his truck open to the sky?
I did, he stopped
and I wished I was a cop.
Do you like olives
and fresh mutsadell?
I do, they're good
and I think that you should.
Have you ever had something
stolen from your car?
I did, they're dead
and it's because they took my Mickey head.
Do you ever make up rhymes
just because you can?
I do, they're fun
and now it's time to run!

Toosdae ?'s

Hi Toosdae Lovers! Can you believe it's almost December already? (That's not one of the questions) Here yago:

1. Who is the freakiest/weirdest person you've ever met and why did they win that title?

2. How far would you go in order to fight for a parking space? Would you not fight at all, would you edge your car aggressively into the space or would you get into a yelling match?

3. What is the worst gift you have ever received?

1. The freakiest person I ever met was named Shad. I was actually warned about him by my trainer before I met him. He said, "Have you met Scary Shad yet?" Shad was tall, skinny and voluntarily bald. He rarely spoke and kept to himself but always had shifty eyes. One day he and I were alone in the back office of the hotel and he said, "Have you ever thought about how you'd like to die?" I don't remember my response, but I do remember dropping all of my uncounted money into my deposit bag and running (literally) out of the office. On an interesting side note, Scary Shad, let's say, used to *know* Goofy well.

2. I would typically not fight at all. I'd just mutter something like, "What the fuck jerk?! Are you kidding me?!?" and then pull away, though I'd secretly like to ram their car with mine.

3. The worst gift I ever received was from my mother on Christmas of 1997. I lived in Florida and I always noted how hot and sticky it was, even in December. To my dismay, when I opened the gift, it was a midnight blue velour turtleneck dress a la 1985. I don't know what she was thinking-oh yes I do-it was a free gift with purchase...for a gift she got SOMEONE ELSE! I couldn't even return it. I think my roommates and I used it for a rag.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mags and the Magic Pajamas

I've got magic pajamas.

Yup. I know, you're jealous. And so you should be. They are simply fabulous. Not since the days of my footie pajamas have I been so enthralled with dressing for bed.

And I'm not exaggerating, either.

What makes them magic, you wonder? Well...the 3 times I've worn them I've gotten an incredible night's sleep.(Which is not always the norm) They are warm, but not too warm, and soft, but not slippery so I slide in the sheets. I'll have you know that these are two very important factors when discussing pajama qualifications in the pajama selection process.

There's a strong possibility that these magical pj's of mine also scare away evil dreams and fill my brain with love stories in which a handsome boy shows up at my door in the rain with a bouquet of my favorite flowers. When I open the door he whispers simply, "I love you" and we kiss and live happily ever after. (Of course I get him out of his wet clothes...I wouldn't just leave my poor baby in wet, cold clothes!)

Yup. These pajamas are wonderful.

They are black with a pink silky ribbon weaved into a lace "V" neck top.
This may or may not have anything to do with their magical powers, but I just thought you should know that they are, in fact, nothing special to look at, but I do believe that in their plainness, lies their magical powers.

The simple things people...always remember that it's the simple things.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas Hair

Tomorrow is dress rehearsal for the play, and I finally figured out how to do my hair! AND I can do it all by myself...Ladies and Gents, take a look at Mrs. Nicholas's 1876 Christmas Eve hair:

Course, after I took it all out, I looked like I had 80's hair!

If only I had the Aqua Net-those bangs would have been smokin'!

Price Check On Isle 5!!!

My house looks like Christmas threw up in it. Today I was on a recovery mission. The great flood of 2005 damaged most of my Christmas decorations including a handmade angel I received as a wedding present, several handmade/friend made ornaments, 3 sets of lights, several in-house decorations and my stocking. Luckily my Disney ornaments and my stocking hanger from my childhood are fine.

What that means, is that today I had to take stock of what I did manage to save, and had to truck out to the store to buy new Christmas stuff.

What a cluster, I'll tell ya.

I went to Walmart-my least favorite store-because they always have cheap bulbs and lights. I wore jeans, my Westfield State sweatshirt, sneakers and a blue fleece hooded vest.

People kept asking me for help.

"Where are the gift tags?"
"Do you know where the ornament hangers are?"
"I'm looking for a tree stand, any idea where I can find one?"

It was only after the tree stand guy gave me a dirty look when I said:
"Um...I think they're over there, but I'm not sure..." did I realize that they all thought I worked there.

Because of my blue fleece hooded vest.

That is the very same color as a Walmart employee's smock.

And from behind, it's very confusing to stupid people.

There was a fourth man who started to ask me a question, but quickly realized I did not work there and stopped. He was amused at himself for making the mistake and this, in turn, amused me. So I helped him find what he was looking for. A little weird, but quite fun.

I did not end up getting my tree as planned because the store was so crazy busy that it was well past dark and though last year I was interested in doing it all myself, this year I am smarter and am going to solicit help. Ah weekend is just fine.