Friday, November 18, 2005

Pedal Pushers & Early Bird Specials

It's Friday. Is it time to retire yet? Seriously. I'm all about moving to Florida and wearing pedal pushers on the beach watching the sunset with my (imaginary) husband. Oh-and taking advantage of Early Bird specials.

Here is some randomivity from the week:

Gummy Bears, when hurled over your cubicle, hurt when they land on your head. They do, however, bounce quite high giving the "gummy launcher" a good laugh.

Who was the first guy who thought about putting a fish in a bowl in his house instead of in a bucket on his porch? And I wonder what kind of fish is was to inspire such a move.

Sometimes you are wrong about people who you thought were trustworthy and honest-and it hurts when you realize this is not the case.

Autumn in New England=Wonderific
Leaves on my lawn=Overwhelmingly Annoying

Getting paid to be in a play is pretty cool. Opening the first paycheck and seeing it is not even enough to support your new weekly addiction to Starbuck's caramel Apple Cider is depressing.

It is funny to hear about a grown man riding down the highway with his head hanging out of the window of a Tahoe like a dog. Especially when he is doing it, ironically, to avoid smelling the dogs that ride in the car-because he is deathly allergic.

Sometimes you just question everything about yourself. And it's lonely. But sometimes you get an unexpected reminder from someone you've never met that the sun is always shining somewhere. And it helps.

Parakeets are not safe in CT. Fly little

No matter how bad things are today, they are still better than they were a year ago this week. Thank you to you-know-who and the song "Lying Eyes" for that reminder.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

House Broken: Part 6

"Hey! How are you today?" His voice exploded from the receiver. She could hear his smile in his words as she closed her eyes and imaged his sweet face.

He was not someone people would call handsome, nor was he ugly. The word often used when describing him was "cute". Being only 5'9", he was shorter than the average man, but what he lacked in height he made up for in girth. Not rotund, but plump; he filled in his clothing well. He was the type of man women loved to hug, often comparing him to a teddy bear.

His skin was fare, coming from his English mum, but hid a tinge of honey-this from his Italian father. His hair was sandy and thin, soft to the touch, and kept short. She loved his button nose; the curl of the nostril so fluid and distinct that she wanted to kiss it every time they met.

And of course, she loved his lips. Light pink flesh, plump and soft, always slightly parted, ready to dish out a sarcastic quip or silly comeback. And always ready to love her, for as long as she would let him.

"Hi! This is a surprise! I thought you were working today."

"I was, but I got someone to switch with me so I could spend the day with you. Do you have plans?" He asked as if he already knew that she did not.
"I do now." She replied. "Did you have something in mind?"

"Yes. It's a surprise though. Be ready in 20 minutes, ok cutie?"

She loved it when he used pet names for her, which broke every rule she had on dating stereotypes and name-calling.

"Ok. I'
ll be ready. I can't wait!"

She ran into her room and looked in the mirror. Luckily, she planned on going shopping, and so she just finished doing her hair. All she had to do was find the perfect outfit for a surprise date and she would be ready.

The light purple v-neck dress with flowers from Old Navy was her choice, with white slip on sandals to show off her newly painted toes. She also knew that he loved this dress, and was looking forward to seeing his expression when she opened the door. As a last minute touch, she sprayed on her favorite perfume, and dabbed on lip gloss.
"Where are we going!?!" She playfully begged. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet??"

He laughed. It felt good to be in his car, making him laugh, seeing him so carefree. Being with him at work was fun, but this was different. Knowing him alone, without guests around and without their friends, was special. He was different-kinder, more gentle. And definitely less restrained.

"I'm not telling you, and no we are not there yet, and if you don't stop asking I'm going to pull over and make you walk!" He joked, as he took her hand and kissed it. "You'll like it, I know. So just trust me, ok?"

"I do."

He visablly blushed.

"What? Why are you blushing?" She giggled, though she did not know what she could have done, or what he could be thinking that would have made him blush.

"I liked it when you said that just now. 'I do' I'd like to hear you say that at a later date." He looked over at her and smiled.

"Oh. Well. Thank you."

Just the fact that she didn't know what to say made her wonder, for yet another time, why he chose her. She made a mental note to ask him the next time something like this happened. For now, she only wanted to remember what it was like sitting in his car, sharing his life and being the object of his affection.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Remember My Voice

People are getting more and more antisocial each and every day. With the internet booming, people can choose to actually never leave their houses. Friends don't have to talk to each other-they don't have to share a conversation; they can simply E-Mail or IM.

I remember when I was a freshman in college in 1994 I was just learning about E-Mail and chat rooms. It was so foreign to me that I could simply type a message to someone on the other side of the country instead of calling them. Many times, I opted to finagle a way to raise money to make the call instead of having an E-Mail only relationship.

Yesterday it really hit home for me because I got several phone calls in the office from people who needed to speak with me. I found myself getting frustrated and thinking, "It would be so much easier and faster if they'd just E-Mail the request like I've asked them to." Now, those of you who are familiar with my office and my role may know that this is really true-that sending an E-Mail is the best and fastest way to get to me. But that's not really the reason I was upset. I was upset because people kept trying to talk to me.

I've been sucked in. As I started thinking about my personal life, I realized there really are only 2 people I talk to on the phone on a regular basis: Middle Sister Mags and Mr. CM. There are occasional talks with Judy and random friends-but for the most part, all of my family and friends communicate through E-Mail or IM. We even type on our phones instead of calling sometimes.

How sad is it that I haven't heard my oldest friend's voice in 2 years-the last time I ventured to Jersey to see her and her family. Or that my best friend in Florida just got engaged and I E-Mailed her and sent a card, but didn't call-even though I have a cell phone which has a bazillion minutes and the call would be free.

My fear is that eventually our society will be so into E-Mail that no one will actually know how to speak to each other. Conversations will be shorter, laughter replaced with "L-O-L" (which, incidentally, kids already say!) and the only way you'll remember my face is because you have a picture of me stored in your acid free box.

Sad, isn't it?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Toosdae ?'s

Here are this week's questions. Answer any or all, but please let me hear what you have to say!

A. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and your head or have black teeth for two weeks?

B. If you could replace any character on a TV show, who would it be and why?

C. Would you rather be able to talk to the dead or see 10 minutes of the future?

A. My initial thought was "Black teeth" because it's taken me a really long time to grow my hair. But then I started thinking about how many people compliment me on my smile (and how often I smile) and I realize that my smile is sort of a trademark of mine. If I had black teeth I would not smile...and that's a lot of people I'd have to scour at. So, I'd opt to shave the hair and I'd just get a lot of cool hats...and flash my brilliant smile!

B. I think I would choose Rachel on Friends because #1, she's hot, but she's also funny and cool and she ends up with Ross, who's my favorite. And she's got really great clothes and hair.

C. I wouldn't want to do either, but since I asked the question, I'll answer it. If I had to choose, I would look at 10 mins of the future, not because I'd really want to see it, but because I wouldn't want to talk to do the dead. Just to recap: I'm a wimp. Talking to dead people is FREAKY!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Acid Free Boxes

I keep my pictures in boxes-1982 piled on top of 1994, mixed in with 1976 and the occasional 2003. Pictures of people who hate each other are filed together, memories touching memories, squabbles erased by still shots on Kodak paper.

An image of my sister sits on the top of the box labeled "Family". It's a photo she doesn't much care for, her glasses magnify her eyes. It is a favorite of mine, though, and I keep it on the top, so that it is one of the first that I see when quickly looking through the boxes.

Another box houses my other sister in her tomboy stage. Her hair is short, her face still; she is angry at the photographer. It was me.

The day before I went to college, at a picnic in NY rests behind a random photo of my Papa at my sweet 16 party. He is laughing at an invisible joke, just as I always remember. The bottom of the pile reveals my parents, drunk with love, and I suspect tequila. My mother is young and happy, and smiles in a carefree way-the way I see her in my childhood when I close my eyes.

The pictures of my life are stored in acid free boxes, preserving the memories through time, ensuring they will survive and live to remind me when the day comes when I start to forget.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

NaNo Woe's

I'm a novel writing failure.

I will most likely not complete the NaNo challenge as I've not written anything in the last week. Why you ask?

Because I haven't felt like it.

And though I haven't given up (I think I'll write something tonight) I feel it's almost impossible to get to the word count I need from the word count I'm at right now by the end of November.

The good news is that everyone seems to really enjoy reading the crumbs I post on Thursday's and so the story will be written...just a little slower than anticipated.

Ho Hum...I so wanted to say I won.