Thursday, December 15, 2005

Zippy Twinkle Toes

What's your Elf name?
Post your answers-share in the silly fun!
I am:
Zippy Twinkle Toes


megan said...

My name is "Merry Mistletoe". How do they determine your elf name? Is it random? Is it based on your real name? I don't get it.

Hepcat said...

My name is Snooky Candy-Lips....I am not sure if that sounds like an elf name or a stripper or worse :-P I think I will go with the one that came up when using my middle name: Goofy Candy-Lips

C-Unit said...

Im Cheerful Bing-A-Ling! I dont get it either!

Mags said...

Silly heads! You're not supposed to "get it"

I have no idea how it works, but thye are FUNNY!

I mean, Snooky Candy Lips? That's WICKED funny!!!

And C-Unit-I'm totally calling you cheerful bing-a-ling at Nana's. I betcha everyone does too!! LOL

One who listens said...

It is based on your name, yes. :)

My elf name comes out as Wacky Mistletoe. :)

And one of my friends comes out as Happy Monkey-Buns! *chuckle*

I like this. :)


Mags said...

Ok...after reading Owls I know this is 100% accurate!!

I mean, how appropriate is Waky Mistletoe!?!?!!


C-Unit said...

I took the liberty of doing flippers name so that we all have them. She is Jolly Angel Pants!

Mags said...

Now see, Jolly Angle Pants is PERFECT for Flipper.

This game is very accurate.