Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend Randomivity

Warning! Radomivity below:

If you have balls big enough to wear a Santa suit AND marry someone who wears a hat that resembles crazy blue fraggle rock hair, be a little more lively. There's a certain amount of "This dude's gonna entertain me" that goes along with dressing crazy. Follow through or get off the boat.

It's nice to see that employees are kept in line and seem happy to work in a retail location. It's not nice to hear a manager scold a very attentive salesman because he went out of his way to help me. It's nice to see said manager turn red when I replied, "I for one appreciate the extra service and am definitely going to come back here because of Tim's generosity."

100 Calorie Oreo packs are a great idea if you are watching what you eat, but only if you are not a hard core chocolate lover-they're less chocolatey than Teddy Grahams. If you are a crunch lover like me though, you'll like 'em.

Having neighbors who help you shovel can make your heart explode with happiness. Especially if you live in my crappy ass neighborhood with Scary Boo and the Mean Disability Lady.

Thong underwear can make you crack up more than once. Especially if they really weren't there in the first place.

You're next tour will be clowns! Only have 1 leg? GREAT! We'll take you...deaf and mute? No problem!! C'mon in!

It's funny to hear a man call a woman a slob in the middle of the Christmas Tree Shop. It's even funnier when she goes back to argue that she only knocked over the display because she lost her kids and doesn't have time to clean it up...and continues to argue when the man finally replies, "If you have time to argue you slob, you have time to pick this up." and walked away. Merry Fucking Christmas you slob!

Being let in on a secret (YOU know who you are..yup, you...YES, you!) makes me feel special.

Muddy water...gone!

If you call me and leave frantic messages on my phones, SOMEONE BETTER BE DEAD. That's all I'm sayin.

Having a friend give me his honest opinion on something close to my heart makes me grateful for his friendship.

I liked it a lot. tmitntlytmif.tmyap.


Hamel said...

Like a puzzle, Mags. I try to figure out which parts I can figure out.

Thanks for the random warning to start.

Mags said...

I know Hamel. These posts are mainly for me, but if you can figure out which ones pertain to you, then they are for you too. (Or anyone else who thinks I'm talking to them)


Cryptic. I know.

One who listens said...

Oooh, can I have the secret one? ;)

And, I must confess, I'm a bit worried about your secret desire for one-legged deaf-mute clowns.

But I am quite interested in your neighbours. Are they really as bad as you seem to imply?

And after much scribbling on a notepad, I give up on what "tmitntlytmif.tmyap." means. :(

I've got "the man in the new truck likes yellow toffee maybe in france", but I don't think that's right.


Mags said...


Yup. The secret one-YOURS! ;)

And I do not desire one legged clowns, they just seem to be the ones that show up on the red tour, which is my tour for the play. We get the weird ones! It's a joke with Dr. Evil and George from the play...Oh-by the way, your next tour will be CLOWNS!

I'll tell you what the code is via email. You aren't even close, but it does amuse me. Guys in trucks always like yellow toffee.