Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Toosdae ?'s

Here are this week's questions. Be a dear and answer them-you know, because it's Christmas an' all!

1.Would you rather eat four entire fruit cakes or drink a gallon of egg nog in one sitting?

2.What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

3. Are you "famous" for any holiday dish? What is it?

1. Fruit cake has raisins in it, right? I'll take the egg nog. Though drinking a gallon might make me feel ill, the very thought of having to digest like, 50 raisins makes me sick. And thinking of those shriveled little things expanding in my stomach is just too much.

2. My favorite Christmas tradition is opening presents with my family. We open them early because we travel on Christmas Eve. We all pile into the living room behind our mounds of presents and go around the room opening up one at a time. It takes a couple of hours and we are all silly and happy and laughing-even my cranky mom and my impatient dad. We usually get dinner or lunch afterwards and have a jolly old time.

3. It's not a holiday dish but one year I made a hot crab dip that made everyone swoon. Yeah, it was that good. So, people bug me to make that every year. I also make a killer hot artichoke dip.


One who listens said...

Since it's Christmas and all, I'll answer them. :)

Oh, and welcome back, Mags. I missed you yesterday. :) I hope you're feeling better now.

1. I'd rather eat four fruit cakes. I kinda like fruit cakes, although the cherries don't quite sit right on my poor tum. And I'm not entirely sure what egg nog is, but if it's got raw egg in it, which I suspect it may do, then it's a definite no-no.

2. Oooh, that's a tricky one. I'm not entirely sure, although it was always fun waking up on Christmas morning and opening the stockings. Sadly, those stopped when I left home at 25. ;)

3. Not for any holiday dish, no. But I make a really nice (in my opinion) pasta dish with pork and apple sausages and a bacony sauce. It's not suitable for vegetarians, even by a long shot. :)

(and I think my hot chicken sandwiches are yummy too)


GMadrid said...

1. Egg Nog. I could get drunk on the Nog.

2. Presents :) Just kidding. Going to Christmas Eve Mass with my family and my parents singing in the choir.

3. No holiday dish, although I make a mean mashed potatoes.

Mags said...

Owl-THANK YOU! I AM feeling better! Yippeee!! Just in time for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greg: I don't think you are kidding about the presents at all, which makes me happy that I got you 53!!

C-Unit said...

1. Def. the egg nog. Not a fan of fruit cake!
2. My fav Christmas tradition is also unwrapping gifts with everyone in the living room. 8) I cant wait. And my newest favorite tradition is making Christmas cookies with Rye Bread. We made them last night and she was wearing a little Rye Rye size apron. Soooo cute!!
3. When I read this question, (before I read your answer) I was going to ask you if you would make that crab dip! Hehe! I dont usually make anything, I usually bring wine!

Mags said...

C-Unit: Yeah. I think I am making it. But if the first store I go to is out of crab, then it's a no.

Mark Daniels said...

My favorite holiday tradition is the Candlelight Worship on Christmas Eve, especially singing 'Silent Night' as each of the worshipers hold their own candles.

My second favorite tradition is watching two movies: 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 'Bishop's Wife.'

My favorite Christmas goodies are homemade chocolate toffee bars.

God bless you with a merry Christmas!

Mark Daniels

PS: I never eat fruitcakes or egg nog.

megan said...

1. Definitely the egg nog even though I hate egg nog. The thought of four bites of fruit cake is enough to make me try choking down a gallon of egg nog.

2. My favorite tradition I think is going to cut down the tree with all my kids. We all have our own ideas and qualities we like in a tree but somehow at the end we all fall in love with the same tree. Then the kids name the tree and we refer to it by name for the rest of the holiday season.

3. Although I don't think Im "famous" for any particular Christmas dish I do make the same things most years and I don't hear too many complaints. I make lasagna, peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle, and cheesecake.

aka_monty said...

1. I'll take the eggnog too~especially if it is laced with rum.
2. I loved getting to dig into the stockings first, before mom & dad were awake...and then waking them up so we could eat breakfast while quivering in anticipation. We had to finish brekkie first. We still do it that way.
3. I'm not famous for much of anything, except for NOT bringing a dish. :)