Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Toosdae ?'s

1. Would you rather slip on a banana peel and crack your tailbone or be attacked by a herd of squirrels?

2.Would you prefer to go to the doctor, the dentist or go sky diving?

3. Have you ever cheated on a test? Tell me about it.

1. This is a tough question because right off the bat I think, "No WAY would I want a herd of squirrels all over me." But then I started thinking about the whole length of time in pain aspect of this question and a tailbone takes a while to heal. You also would have trouble sitting down, laying down, and well, moving. So, after careful consideration folks, I'd take the squirrels. Bring it you furry little nut lovers!

2. Ever been on a motorcycle? You know how sometimes, bugs fly into your face? I think it would 500 billion times worse when sky diving. But birds might be involved. And as some of you know, I have a freakish addiction to lip balm. This has nothing to do with sky diving. It has to do with the dentist. Even thinking about his chalky rubber gloves resting on my lips for a 1/2 hour is making me uncomfortable. So, I'd choose the doctor. Even if I was getting a shot, I think it would be better than the other 2.

3. I haven't blatenly cheated, no. My freshman year in high school I sat diagonally in back of (on the right side) the smartest girl in school. She was a junior, and lucky for me, she was right handed. One day we had a pop quiz and I didn't study and while I was (truthfully) looking around in space trying to conjure up the Spanish words for the English ones on the paper, I saw smart girl write the first letter of the word, which made me remember the word I needed. She happened to be on the same questions as I was and so though she didn't give me the answer, she gave me clues...I think I got a 95%.


One who listens said...

1. Having both skateboarded down a slide and cracked my tailbone on landing, and been bitten by a squirrel (those things can bite seven times before your pain reaction moves your hands), I think I would probably go for the tailbone option. At least I'd be alive at the end of it. Squirrels can be vicious, you know.

2. They all sound ok, actually. I visit the doctor regularly, and he normally tells me to get some bad rest (although I got given some medicine I was allergic to last time), and the dentist holds no fears, except for that nasty one who gave me the filling just because he wanted the money. Grrr.. And skydiving, I think I'd really enjoy that. Providing I got over the sheer abject terror, I think it'd feel like flying, which I'm quite keen on. But because I'm boring, I'll stick with the doctor. :)

3. Probably, yes. But I don't recall any exact time that I have done so. Those personality tests, I always cheat by thinking "Now what would a nice person tick there?"


One who listens said...

And where on earth do these question come from, Mags?

If they're from your little brain, do you pose them to yourself, and try to think of things of equal badness?

Let me know, cos I'm incredibly curious. :)


Mags said...

OMG Owl, I forgot about the crazy dog eating squirls! Can I change my answer??? Yikes.

I can not divulge my sources, dear Owl. Sorry. ;)

It's usually a question I see and then I tweak it a bit. Some I'm just curious about...a hodge podge of questions...

C-Unit said...

I was going to ask the same thing. Where do you come up with these things!
1.I was going to go with the squirrels, but after reading Owls comment, I have to change my answer to the cracked tailbone.
2.I would have said sky diving a few years ago, but I think I have lost my nerve. Im gonna go with the Dr.
3.In 7th grade I cheated on a vocab test. I actually wrote the answers on my desk in pencil! I had Mr. Rube Mags... Imagine what he would have done if he caught me! He was pretty scary!

Mags said...

C-Unit I never had Mr. Rube-only for softball in 8th grade and he was very kind and gentle. So what are you saying? He would have hugged you or something?

The NERVE!!!


(Just kidding my dear Owl. I don't think you are a jerk.)

C-Unit said...

No, he was old and mean. I dont know what you are talking about.

megan said...

1. Im having a lot of trouble answering this one. Just thinking about either scenario is making me anxious and upsetting my stomach. I hate sqirrels with a passion. They are nothing but rats with fuzzy tails. I have also landed on my tailbone so hard I saw stars. It wasn't even hard enough to crack it but I wouldn't want to do that again any time soon. OUCH!!
If you are making me choose then I will have to say slipping on a banana peel. (my eyes are watering just thinking about it)

2. I'll take the doctor any day of the week. I wouldn't sky dive it was the last activity on earth and it came with a million dollars. The dentist is just yucky.

3. Cheated? Well, ok, ok. I cheated alright, I did, I admit it. And not just once in 5th grade either. I cheated a whole bunch of times in high school. I could write a summary of an entire chapter of my history book on the inside of a gum wrapper. All you goody goody's that never cheated are making me feel bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm tough. I can take the squirrels. There's not much to me anyway, they wouldn't get much out of trying to eat me.

Sky Diving all the way baby!

Cheated? Yeah I have. It's the only reason I graduated.

Mags said...

Megan: I'm always so proud of you though! You always answer the questions that I know make you uncomfortable! And, PUHLEASE! You may have cheated, I'll have to take your word for it, but c'mon-you weren't a punk...well, maybe. I DID hear about a certain substance you used to know about in the silo...

Annon: I like your bravery...did you read the squirrel article?