Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Toosdae ?'s

Hello Toosdae Todies! You know the drill. Fill my comments section with your loveliness!

1. Would you rather wear a big, plastic cone collar like animals wear to keep them from licking themselves OR braces that don't allow your knees to bend?

2. What's the farthest you've traveled? Tell me 1 weird/funny thing that happened while you were there.

3. Which of the seven dwarfs personifies you the best: Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy , or Doc?

1. I think I would rather wear the knee braces. Only because I remember being very annoyed once when I couldn't see around a corner when something was blocking my line of vision and knowing that the cone would prohibit any peripheral sight would just drive me batty. And also, I live in a one story house, so if need be, I could just stay here and have people visit.

2. I traveled to France. While there we went to Versaille where you had to pay to use the bathroom. The person I was with took the correct coinage out and presented it to the attendants. As we were walking into the bathrooms, we were stopped and told in French to stand outside because we didn't pay enough. We double checked, but were confused because we had indeed correctly paid. After about 10 minutes, Matt gave up and simply walked over to the garden area and peed in front of everyone. (It was December too-frigid!) I, on the otherhand, had to wait another 2 hours before we left. When we got back to the hotel we asked the front desk how much money we had (still thinking we'd made an error) and they confirmed we were right. Apparently they just didn't want us using their toilets.

3. I'd definitely say Dopey is first, then Happy and Bashful-though people say I'm outgoing, I'm really quite shy sometimes. And lately at work I have been Grumpy.


One who listens said...

1. I'd rather not be able to bend my legs. I think I'd like to walk around like Frankenstein's monster, at least for a little bit.

2. I've been to Rhodes in Greece, and the most amusing thing that happened was one friend (Mr U.T.) lost his glasses, but luckily shared his prescription with another guy (Mr P.H.) there with us. Every time Mr P.H. saw a pretty girl, he would hand his glasses to Mr U.T, who would then either agree or disagree.

3. Happy. No question about it. :) In fact, I've been very happy these last couple of days. :)


Mags said...

Owl: The famous spectacle swap?! That's fantastic!!!

(My friend Pedro just came over to my computer, by the way and said, "Mr. Owl is quite the traveling man, huh? I've barely even been to Rhode Island or seen the MOVIE Greece!")

megan said...

1. I'd definitely take the knee braces. I have claustrophobia and just the thought of a big cone around my neck give me anxiety.

2. I think the farthest I've ever traveled is to West Virginia and the entire trip was weird/funny. Not at all like where I live so every person, store, restaurant, and neighborhood seemed strange.

3. I would have to say I am a combination of Happy and Grumpy. I think I'm happy for the most part but I have a short fuse and can hold on to anger/frustration for a very long time which makes me feel grumpy. I can relate to Bashful for sure, Sneezy too. I know for sure I'm not Sleepy or Doc.

One who listens said...

It's the only place I ever visited. Apart from that one trip, the furthest I've ever been from England is Scotland. :)


DinaLove said...

1. I'm not fond of turtlenecks, so the Elizabethan collar (plastic cone) would not work, but I would totally rock those knee braces. I've once had two torn ligaments in my left knee and had to use a cane for a month, so I kind of have some practice at it.

2. Furthest place traveled: Istanbul, Turkey. Live, armed soldiers on patrol everywhere. It really is kind of freaky turning a corner and finding a rifle three inches from your eye.

3. Right now, exactly in this order: Sleepy, Grumpy, and Dopey. I really do miss Happy. It's been a while and I'm hoping to return to her soon.

Hawaiianmark said...

K'Den -

Would I'd rather not bend my kness, (which means I couldnt surf,...) Or...wear a cone (which means I couldnt lick my...}

Oh!... Dogs!

Walking? I once argued with LadyC, and walked 16 miles being stubborn...Travel I went as far as DC, Maryland, Atlantic City,...Bt water?...

Places not seen.

Doc. Helping the sick, injured, or even down trodden, its pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

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