Friday, December 02, 2005

To The "Bloggers" Of The World

Dear lazy or uninspired Blogger:

I know what it's like to be busy-to be too busy to even think about doing stuff that is fun, or not essential to your life. I can relate to waking up and not stopping until you fall into bed 17 or 18 hours later. Really.

But, for God's sake, if you have a blog, please update it somewhat regularly.

I understand that sometimes you think you just don't have anything to say. (Which I find doubtful-because the very fact that you even have a blog means you either talk alot in real life and needed to reach more people or you don't talk a lot and needed somewhere to vent/spill.)
But to all of you who clog the internet with blogs that haven't been updated since 2004....please delete them. The fact that your outdated blog is still up is a sign of laziness-not a sign of an uninspired segment of your life. And really, I hate stumbling upon a fantastic blog only to see that the last post was in April of 2002. The only reason that should still be up is if you got mauled by an angry bear and no longer A: are living or B: have hands.

My blog? Inferior to most. But at least I keep it updated. And if there comes a time when I can not or do not want to update it reguarly, I will pull the plug and make the decision final.

I hate indecisiveness and lack of follow through/commitment.


aka_monty said...

I agree! I don't always update, but at least not more than a week goes by. :)

Stop cluttering up the internet with dusty, mildewy, unused blogs! ;)
(oooh, sorry for the eyeball thing, btw) Youch!

And you are SO not inferior to ANY. :) I love it here. So there.

Mags said...

Woah! Another new pic?!?! Are there penquins in the background? LOL. I like it.

I thought that more of my blog readers would have responded, but as you can see...none!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

And THANK YOU for the compliment. I LOVE THAT YOU VISIT!!


Melinda B. said...

Amen! You've written exactly what I've been thinking all week. How can Bloggers have no new updates; or so few updates on their Blogs? These Bloggers seem to have disappeared. Maybe they were sucked into a Black Hole or something! Great Blog -- New Reader.

One who listens said...

I'm very much inclined to agree with you, Mags. :)

I hate it when blogs don't get updated, but being inclined to laziness myself, and having a distinct lack of follow through (although I have written a novel and drawn a picture each day), I tend to understand why people don't update blogs.

I agree though: If you don't use a blog, delete it. :)


One who listens said...

Oh, and your blog is fantastic. I visit it every time I fire up a web browser. :)

Mags said...

I'm glad to hear you agree! And WELCOME! It's good to see you here!!

I thought you'd say something like that. You update like, 16 times a day silly. AND are very good at distracting me b/c I always need to know if there's just 1 more...ok, 1 more? One...

Anonymous said...

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