Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tales From A Schooner's Belly

Things I learned on opening night:

1. That my fake husband Dr. Evil knows a lot of useless things, but all of them make us laugh. (I must add that he also knows a lot of useful things too.)

2. I have to invest in gel insoles. Although I am wearing boots that have relatively no heal, my knees and legs are killing me! Course this could also have to do with the fact that for the first 2 hours I refused to sit down because I didn't want my bustle to fall.

3. Drunk people equal big fun. They cheer loudly when Mr. Nicholas arrives safely home, quiet down when Mrs. Nicholas shooshes them and make sexual innuendos about us when we say,
Mrs: "I have to get my husband home to his family."
Mr.: "Yes, I have much to do tonight"

4. Tours that have small children just look at you in a confused state...."But mommy, why is SHE wearing Santa's coat"....and, "Was THAT Santa?"

5. Wheelchair tours suck. All I can say is I'm just now beginning to feel my toes again. Brrrrr.

6. I can go 10 hours without peeing.

7. Getting out of costume (4 layers on the bottom plus boots and 4 layers on the top) is hell when you are zonked.

8. By tour 5 you are exhausted and really starting to wonder "WHY did I do this??" but then you get a fantastic group and it re-energizes you. See "Drunk people equal big fun" above.

9. The white haired lady who stood in the stairwell is dumb. Anytime an actor bumps into you on the way in and dramatically motions for you to get out of the way on her way out MEANS YOU SHOULD MOVE!

10. Christmastime is wonderful. Looking out over the water in picturesque Mystic, hearing carriages pass by with people caroling is really heartwarming, and it makes me happy that I am a part of that.

DING! Fries are done!


C-Unit said...

OK 1st, I was dying when I clicked that link. That was very very funny! 2nd I cant wait to see the play. Im really really excited! Now Im going outside to make a snowman with Rye Bread! See ya in a bit Mags.

One who listens said...

I'm disappointed that I'll not get to see the play, but I really can't afford a trip to Connecticut, which I didn't know had that extra c, by the way. I always assumed it was spelt Conneticut.

Oh, I think my fries are done. ;)


Mags said...

Oh, you're NOT coming? I thought for sure I'd see you there Owl...course I'd have no idea it was you, though I think perhaps the accent MIGHT tip me off.

The "C" is silent. Please don't go walking around London sayin Connect-I-Cut...