Thursday, December 08, 2005

House Broken: Part 8

Read Part 7: Here.

"I'm going to start looking for a new job this week. Maybe in the city. I can live in Hoboken with my cousin until I find something of my own."

She was shocked. Although she knew that living in the same house as roommates would not be as easy at it sounded, she could not imagine having to live in their large house alone.

They built the house just four months earlier, but had been planning it for almost two years. Excitedly naive, they laid on their bed pouring over different house plans, dreaming of the children they would fill the rooms with. Modifications were made, rooms added, color swatches chosen-all for a house they were not yet even sure they could build. Her parents owned land, and talk of gifting it to her for as a wedding present made them sick with anticipation. When the time finally came, they not only knew which house they would build, but also which face plates they would have on their light switches. Life was that predictable.

"You're moving out? When?" She couldn't help it-she sounded nervous. She hated letting him see how affected she was by the thought of being without him.

"I don't know. I have to find a job first. I can Hoboken until I find my own place if I get a job in the city. I'
ll just keep my things here and come back when I need them."

It irked her when he said things like that-just assuming that anything he did would be okay and that no one would ever question his thinking.

"If you move out, you're out. I can't keep having you come back and forth, never knowing when you'll be here and when you won't. That's no way to live."

"It's my house too. I'll keep things here if I want. I won't be living here and we both know I travel a lot so I won't be here for any significant amount of time. Besides, I pay for most of this house, don't forget."

He stared at her, daring her to counter him, daring her to argue so he could make her feel inferior.

And with that look, he defeated her always.


Mags said...

I deleted this post by accident and with it went Hamel's comment from earlier:


Ouch. I feel the daggars of the stare; we all know someone who has that power over you.

Kudos in your writing about it. It tells me you're likely past it, or at the very least far enough removed that you've got a stare to give back now ;).

Sorry Hamel.

Mags said...


Oh yeah. I KNOW I've got a stare to return now!!!!


Hope you're enjoying your "in-service" day

One who listens said...

Bless you, Miss Maggie Moo!

I do love your stories. They're so powerful, and packed with emotion just below the surface. I can really feel them. :)

On a totally different note, I have recorded a sound clip on my blog for you, just to say hello. :)


One who listens said...

And I don't like it when people behave like that, taking advantage.

My sister used to change her son's nappy in my folk's front room, which used to be a bit grim, to be honest.

When she came to stay with me, she said "Oh, I need to change his nappy," and I replied, "Sure. The bathroom is upstairs right in front of you."

I think she was surprised that I wasn't prepared to let her change him in my front room. :)


Motorcycle Fairings said...

Well that's so true. Roomates need space and sometimes it's hard to adapt to it. At least is with your family. That makes it easy for you.