Friday, December 23, 2005

Hot Coals

Here's a question for you. If a parent is not watching their child and something happens to them because of this lack of supervision, who is to blame? Is it the place in which the accident occurred, or is the parent's fault?

There are incidences, I will agree, where the company is liable due to some sort of negligence. However, when a 4 year old child is not being supervised by their parents, it makes me angry to hear them blame the company when accidents occur.

Last night on one of our tours, a little girl sat on the opposite side of the boat from her mother. She was 4. There is a large, very hot coal stove in the middle of the boat which was separating the mother from her child. At no point did the mother think there was anything wrong with this. The tour guide did mention several times that the stove was very hot, "Mind the stove, it is hot." and not to touch it. Again, nothing from the mother...

Until the scene was over. She then called to her daughter and told her to "Come here!" The girl proceeded to walk past the stove and PURPOSELY touched the stove, with her palm open. The poor girl was burned, however only whimpered and whined, and said, "I didn't know it was hot!"

It was the kind of whine kids produce when they are not really very hurt and they think they are going to get into trouble for doing something wrong.

The family is inquiring about why the stove was hot and why it is not roped off. They are planning on "talking with someone important" tomorrow about it.

What really bothers me about this is that the mother did not seem at all interested in keeping her child safe, even after being warned that the stove was hot. In my opinion, it is her negligence that caused her child's injury. Had she been sitting next to her mother in the first place, she would not have had to walk past the stove, and would not have had the opportunity to curiously check to see if it was really hot.

I understand that children can be difficult and it may sometimes be easier to let them have their way instead of hearing them whine or have them make a scene. But shouldn't parents be taking more responsibility for their children? It seems like more and more people are shrugging off their responsibilities and are far too eager to pass blame.

Does anyone else agree? If you disagree, also share. I'm not a parent so my view could be off, but I somehow don't think so.


Hawaiianmark said...

There are varying degrees of parent out in the world. Fools, (i believe you met that version) and those that take occurances to teach youngsters something valuable (like responsibility!; for ones actions)

What irks me to no end, is the type that NO MATTER WHAT, it is not the child of their loins fault. Oh that irritates me. The ones that the little heathen has warped beyond parental repair.

Rant over, sorry.

What could have been a horrible accident wasnt, but instead of using it to teach the child, it went to finger pointing, and veiled threats. Urg.

We once had a lady who was saved from a burning apartment, pulled back to safety thru the burning room, and rescued.

She later sued the department, the guys that rescued her, saying - 'she was traumatized' by the event.

Oh really?

Sad part is, she lost, and died from lung cancer, which was probably brought on by smoking, which caused her fire in the first place.

People, go figure.


C-Unit said...

I agree with you. This is the parents fault. And they warn you not to bring your kids on this tour anyway!!

One who listens said...

I'm totally with you, Mags. The parent was totally to blame there. She should have been looking after her kiddy.

She was warned that the stove was hot, and therefore her responsibility is to protect her child from that potential harm.

It is not the responsibility of everyone else to look after her kids.

That way lies the nanny state. :(

I reckon she should be done under child protection acts if they try to make a fuss. Tell them if they sue you, you will report them to the NSPCC (or whatever the American equivalent is).


Mags said...

That's terrible about the woman who was saved. People like that really piss me off.

That is exactly what Dr. Evil and I were saying. If the child is well behaved, yes, (Such as Rye Bread yesterday) but this little one was not.

Yes, Mystic, I believe, is making sure they document the fact that the mother was not watching her child. I'm sure that will come up if there is a lawsuit. (Which I don't think there will be b/c the child wasn't so badly burned)

megan said...

I'm going to try to hold back my feelings a little on this subject because it is a sore one with me. Let me just say..."IT WAS THE MOTHERS FAULT 110%" I worry about the kind of care this child is getting. If she ran out in the street in front of her house and got hit by a car would it be the driver's fault? If she fails a test in school when she's older will it be the teacher's fault? Come on parents, get a clue.

Hamel said...

It's the parents' fault. Period. Now I'm not talking about the "I only turned my head for a moment," because then I don't think there's fault, it's just a mishap. In this case, if the parents didn't want to watch/involve the child, the four-year-old should have been left at home.

Dr. Evil said...

You already know where I stand on this issue. I am a parent and my wife and I would never have allowed that situation to take place. Children at that age are inquisitive and starting to seek independence, it is a dangerous combination.

I wonder how many people from that family where there.
As I recall we were told that the parents were members and the Grandfather was the one asking why the stove was not roped off. There must have been at least three maybe four people who could have kept an eye on that four-year-old. I blame any and all of them not exclusively the Mother although she does have her share of the blame.

Children under the age of 6 or 7 should not be there. I refuse to let my family bring my four-year-old nephew.

What concerns me most is what happens next. Will the powers that be have a knee jerk reaction that is damaging to the scene or the show? Will the stove have to remain cold if the boat is used?

My only hope is that this is recognized for what it truly is an accident caused by an unsupervised child. Otherwise this is a case of one person spoiling a good thing for so many.

Dr. Evil

DinaLove said...

Always blame the parent. Always.

aka_monty said...

I detest those types of parents. The ones who ALWAYS make excuses for their child AND their own behavior. For crap's sake.
That's why so many kids are so rotten nowadays~they're never forced to take responsibility for their own actions. It's unbelievable.