Saturday, December 03, 2005

Holiday HooHa

Happy Christmas everyone! Tonight's opening night! Judy has forgotten her lines (AAAHHH) and my eyeball is still ulcerish (OOOWWW) but it's officially the Christmas season and I couldn't be happier!!

Yesterday after work I went and got my Christmas Tree. I was helped by an overly friendly (quite hot) Home Depot boy. Today was the perfect day to put up a tree because:
1. It was VERY cold out. My nose and cheeks got red while picking out a tree. I even had my winter coat and gloves on. AND it snowed on the way home. *Sigh*
2. I was feeling down because of the whole eyeball thing. What better way to cheer myself up than a night with shiny balls and wine?
3. Tomorrow starts the Christmas play-now I am 100% in the spirit!

It's nothing spectacular and all the ornaments are store bought because of, well, you know...the flood. But, it's mine and it smells DIVINE!!!! (Don't you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how wonderful a fresh real tree makes your house smell? It's fantabulous!)

I also found this card that a friend of mine made for me last year from my puppy. I no longer own him, but look at how ugly he was! He's so ugly he's cute. Those wrinkles get me every time. No jokes please, yes, he's the one on the left.

Think of me tonight-I'll be performing 18 times (Yikes!) from 6pm-10pm! And also, check out this fun Snow Globe. Or should I be PC and say "Frozen precipitation enclosed in a spherical or bowl-like container"? (It's better with your sound on)


Hawaiianmark said...

Ulcerish & Fantabulous in the same post?

Isnt there like some law aginst that? That holiday spirit is infecting, isnt it? The good daughter and I along with good son decorated the tree. And yes there is nothing like that smell. Our house now reeks of trees, and sea salt from me.

Hope the shows go off well.

Stay warm.


Mags said...

Sorry Mark, I'm drunk with Christmasy delite! I'm sure I'll be cynical again soon.

Hawaiianmark said...

Dont ever be cynical, it is so damn unattractive!

Drunk w/ christmasy deelite? Sounds like I need some of that east coast egg nogg or what ever they are serving up there..

How s the shows coming out ??


Hamel said...

Good luck with the wonderful hair and the lines and the Christmas cheer in beautiful Mystic, Mags.

I've got to get off my lazy butt and get my boys their tree. It is December, after all.

Mags said...

Mark: I thought that one would getcha!! 8-) The play: dunno yet. I'm answering this too early. Perhaps I will post about it tomorrow, if anything funny happens...

Hamel: Yeah you do you lazy bum!!! ;)

C-Unit said...

I love your tree and I love Christmas. I have been in the spirit since October! Once summer is over, its time for Christmas for me!!! (I know that’s kinda soon, I just can’t help myself.) But you already know that Mags. All my Santa shopping was done right after Halloween and now I’m just enjoying all the lights, music and Christmas specials. 8)

Mags said...

C-Unit: Yep. I know. You've got the bug! I have YOUR present already. 8-)