Friday, December 02, 2005

Fashion Ugg

I don't get the concept of gauchos. They look like a skirt...but they're really pants...they're capri-length...but weird and baggy...they are so not flattering that I have to stop and stare whenever I see someone trying to wear them.

And I'm assuming that when gauchos are worn with Ugg boots, it's in the hopes that one nasty disgusting trend plus one hideous trend would equal a good look. (Gah! + Gah! = OoohAaah)

Um, I don't know how to break this to you...but it didn't work.


Erin said...

stink...i do have a brown pair that look pretty cute on...finding a shirt to go with them is a problem...but they are comfy and flirty looking, i think. oh well...they were only 15 bucks i think. no harm done! :)

Mags said...


Well, you're incredibly cute and spunky and...cute. I'm sure you are one of the ones who can pull it off.

Unless you pair them with Uggs.

Then all hope is lost.


aka_monty said...

Pairing anything with Uggs should be considered a crime.
In fact, whoever thought Ugg boots were a fashion statement?
I'd wear them to...shovel the sidewalk.
Keep my tootsies warm. But I can do that with payless boots.
I'm so cheap. and unfashionable. *sigh* ;)

Mags said...


Cheap, no. I love payless-the only trouble is that you can't rely on the shoes being around for a while...but when you have a date or a party-who cares!?!? I'll take $9 cuteness anyday.