Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bursting At The Seams

Close your eyes...can you smell it? The faint smell of Obsession and cold leather. Aunt Sue just got back from her boyfriend's house, and now everyone is home. The house is bursting at it's seams and loud, boisterous people are crowded around the table, their likeness is unmistakable; it's in their eyes, their noses, even in their hands.

The spaghetti sauce is too thin, but that's the way he likes it. Nana makes it that way for him, I know, because she loves him more than anyone in the world. He balances her silliness, gives her new material to work with; he laughs at her jokes. She's cried with laughter at his. I have seen it, it is real.

Manicotti filled pans line the counter, meatballs are stolen from the pots. A child laughs, it's my sister, curly hair flying crazily as she dancing in the center of the room. "Watch me!" she squeals, her chubby cheeks dimpling with her smile.

Someone, an uncle, tells a dirty joke-one that I am not supposed to hear so another someone yells, "Oh! Shhhh!!" and I blush. I heard the joke, and I understand. I want to be included because I know what they are talking about, but I still enjoy being their little angel; their almost grown up niece.

It's almost midnight now and people smell of wine and garlic and their cheeks are rosey and they are warm. My eyes are heavy and I blink through yawny tears quickly so no one sees. We're all piled in the living room, mostly on the floor, but I'm on someone's lap. My sister is nestled in my mothers arms, asleep against her will.

Presents are divided, handed out to each person. Only one-the get it started, and then we will wait until tomorrow.

I am lost in the frenzy of "OOO's!" and tissue paper and I look around at all of the people I love, knowing in my heart that my real gift has no ribbon and does not fit neatly under the tree, but sits all around me in my grandparents house which is bursting at the seams.

Christmas Eve. 1980's style.


C-Unit said...

WOW! Perfect!

Mags said...

Yeah?! That means a lot because you know what it's like. 8-) Thanks my curly haired little sister!

Hamel said...

Beautiful. If only more people understood what to appreciate this Christmas.

My word verfication was havazip.

Don't mind if I do.

C-Unit said...

Its the best! And I cant wait until Sat.

Hawaiianmark said...

Memories- all toooooo good, huh?



I think ill havazip, too!