Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Year End Review

What a year 2005 has been. It's been a tremendous year for growth and change, and definitely a year of patience. I've acquired new relationships and strengthened many old ones; laughed more than I can remember and loved so much that at times it bursts right out of me.

I learned how it feels to let my laughter free (without restraint) and embraced my downfalls. I've learned more about other people and what it is like to love someone for all that they are-and are not. I've learned how to change a toilet seat, drain a basement full of water and hook up a sink.

I've lived, for over a year, alone. And though at times, it is hard to be brave and it is hard to have no one here to hug me when I'm down or to look at me and just "know" I've had a bad day, I survived. I've taught persistence and strength to people I did not even realize knew I existed and lent my strength out to friends who were short of it.

I've lived. I've loved. And that's more than I could have hoped's to hope and lots more tomorrows. Happy 2006 everyone!

January: I learned what a P trap is and how to dismantle and install a bathroom sink and vanity. I also learned that men in plumbing and home improvement stores are very intimidated by a girl who knows what she is talking about. I also overcame the physical fear of falling asleep in a dark and empty house.

February: Family cruise to Mexico! Fantastic fun in the sun. Went to my first nude beach (though I didn't get neked). Sang Kareoke for the first time in public and bought a major piece of art at an on board auction-and promptly returned it afterwards. (A pencil signed Dali) Briefly dated a boy who was balding. (Gasp!)

March: Dated a boy who was 6'6". Went to a ham and bean (I was wondering why the Hammonds had a bean dinner and I wasn't invited!!)benefit dinner. Bought a brand new silver Saturn.

April: DISNEY TRIP! Surprised Git Er Dunn with a treasure hunt/trivia hunt with the last clue telling him I'd be in the audience at his school's chorus performance at Walt Disney World. Proved how "007-ish" I really am with my dark glasses and my astounding ability to quickly duck behind trash cans and ice cream counters.

May: Met Mr. CM for the first time. Made a fool of myself by picking the scariest movie on the planet for our first date movie. Also thought for some reason he had a freckle identical to mine on his right ear, proving to myself that I must stop looking for "it must be fate" moments. Saw John Edward in "concert" and felt the most amazing energy I've ever felt in a room before.

June: I told God off. Blatantly. I told Him I was not ok with what he dealt me and that it was not fair and that I deserved to be happy just like everyone else. I learned that our souls pray for things even before we think them. Wrote a letter saying "It's not ok" to forget about me.

July: Had the most amazing birthday I've ever had because of my family and friends and Mr. CM. Started this blog in secret thinking it would be short lived and not successful. Went tubing with my sisters and laughed harder than I've ever laughed in public-while in the water.

August: I'm sure I was smiling and laughing. I had a good summer. I think this is the month I was presented with the skull and cross bones on my lawn mower.

September: Realized once again that I have no control over certain things and the only way to cope is to have faith and hope and to continue to focus on the positives.

October: Was thankful for my friend Skinny Pete when he once again came to my rescue during a catastrophe. Most thankful that HE waded through the knee deep mucky water in my basement and allowed me to stay at the top of the stairs and remain dry.

November: Tried my darndest to write a novel. Began posting "House Broken" and got so much positive feedback that I continue it every Thursday. E-friendships blossomed and I got to know 2 of you better.

December: Participated in Lantern Light tours at Mystic Seaport, reminding me how wonderful it is to perform for people. Rejoiced that I was not sick the week before Christmas. Was reminded yet again how wonderful my friends are.


C-Unit said...

How do you remember what month is what?? I dont remember what I did last week! 8)
Happy New Year everyone!

Barnze said...

Seems like a good year...Have a happy new one!

DinaLove said...

Have a fantastic New Year, Mags!

Mags said...

C-Unit: You know me-can't remember everyday things like names, but remember little insignificant things that don't mean much! Though these were fun if I was doubtful I just looked back at the blog! There are things I left out that I should have blogged about-but I forgot them!!!!!

Barnze and Dina: Thanks and right back atcha!

(How appropriate for New Year's Eve-my verification word: kegxckb